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1 Br J Cancer
2 Cancer Lett
1 Eur J Surg Oncol
1 Int J Cancer
1 J Gastroenterol Hepatol
1 J Surg Oncol
1 PLoS One

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    Br J Cancer

  1. LIANG X, Shi H, Yang L, Qiu C, et al
    Inhibition of polypyrimidine tract-binding protein 3 induces apoptosis and cell cycle arrest, and enhances the cytotoxicity of 5- fluorouracil in gastric cancer cells.
    Br J Cancer. 2017 Feb 21. doi: 10.1038/bjc.2017.
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    Cancer Lett

  2. XU L, Zhou R, Yuan L, Wang S, et al
    IGF1/IGF1R/STAT3 signaling-inducible IFITM2 promotes gastric cancer growth and metastasis.
    Cancer Lett. 2017 Feb 18. pii: S0304-3835(17)30122.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

  3. WU H, Liu S, Gong J, Liu J, et al
    VCPA, a novel synthetic derivative of alpha-tocopheryl succinate, sensitizes human gastric cancer to doxorubicin-induced apoptosis via ROS-dependent mitochondrial dysfunction.
    Cancer Lett. 2017 Feb 16. pii: S0304-3835(17)30107.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

    Eur J Surg Oncol

  4. CLIMENT M, Munarriz M, Blazeby JM, Dorcaratto D, et al
    Weight loss and quality of life in patients surviving 2 years after gastric cancer resection.
    Eur J Surg Oncol. 2017 Feb 9. pii: S0748-7983(17)30337.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

    Int J Cancer

  5. MUHAMMAD JS, Nanjo S, Ando T, Yamashita S, et al
    Autophagy Impairment by Helicobacter pylori-induced Methylation Silencing of MAP1LC3Av1 Promotes Gastric Carcinogenesis.
    Int J Cancer. 2017 Feb 18. doi: 10.1002/ijc.30657.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

    J Gastroenterol Hepatol

  6. SHICHIJO S, Hirata Y, Niikura R, Hayakawa Y, et al
    Association between gastric cancer and the Kyoto Classification of Gastritis.
    J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2017 Feb 20. doi: 10.1111/jgh.13764.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

    J Surg Oncol

  7. BAPTISTE GG, Postlewait LM, Ethun CG, Le N, et al
    Symptomatic presentation as a predictor of recurrence in gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors: A single institution experience over 15 years.
    J Surg Oncol. 2016;114:163-9.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

    PLoS One

  8. CHAN DL, Sjoquist KM, Goldstein D, Price TJ, et al
    The effect of anti-angiogenic agents on overall survival in metastatic oesophago-gastric cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
    PLoS One. 2017;12:e0172307.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

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