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1 Ann Nucl Med
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    Ann Neurol

  1. MARQUIE M, Normandin MD, Vanderburg CR, Costantino I, et al
    Validating novel tau PET tracer [F-18]-AV-1451 (T807) on postmortem brain tissue.
    Ann Neurol. 2015 Sep 7. doi: 10.1002/ana.24517.
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    Ann Nucl Med

  2. ITO R, Iwano S, Kishimoto M, Ito S, et al
    Correlation between FDG-PET/CT findings and solid type non-small cell cancer prognostic factors: are there differences between adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma?
    Ann Nucl Med. 2015.
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    Clin Nucl Med

  3. DONG A, Zuo C, Wang Y, Zhai Z, et al
    Isolated Nasal Tip Metastasis From Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma.
    Clin Nucl Med. 2014.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

  4. NAKATANI K, Nakamoto Y, Togashi K
    Unilateral physiological FDG uptake in teres minor muscle seems well associated with IV tracer injection procedures.
    Clin Nucl Med. 2015;40:62-4.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

  5. HELLINGMAN D, de Wit-van der Veen LJ, Klop WM, Olmos RA, et al
    Detecting near-the-injection-site sentinel nodes in head and neck melanomas with a high-resolution portable gamma camera.
    Clin Nucl Med. 2015;40:e11-6.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

  6. EXAMINATION ANSWER KEY - 39: 10 Brain PET in the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease.
    Clin Nucl Med. 2015;40:e461-4.
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    Phys Med Biol

  7. RUI X, Cheng L, Long Y, Fu L, et al
    Ultra-low dose CT attenuation correction for PET/CT: analysis of sparse view data acquisition and reconstruction algorithms.
    Phys Med Biol. 2015;60:7437-7460.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

  8. HOLMAN BF, Cuplov V, Millner L, Hutton BF, et al
    Improved correction for the tissue fraction effect in lung PET/CT imaging.
    Phys Med Biol. 2015;60:7387-7402.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

  9. DERENZO SE, Choong WS, Moses WW
    Monte Carlo calculations of PET coincidence timing: single and double-ended readout.
    Phys Med Biol. 2015;60:7309-7338.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

    PLoS One

  10. WEI YC, Hu X, Gao Y, Fu Z, et al
    Noninvasive Evaluation of Metabolic Tumor Volume in Lewis Lung Carcinoma Tumor-Bearing C57BL/6 Mice with Micro-PET and the Radiotracers 18F-Alfatide and 18F-FDG: A Comparative Analysis.
    PLoS One. 2015;10:e0136195.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

  11. BUISINE N, Ruan X, Bilesimo P, Grimaldi A, et al
    Xenopus tropicalis Genome Re-Scaffolding and Re-Annotation Reach the Resolution Required for In Vivo ChIA-PET Analysis.
    PLoS One. 2015;10:e0137526.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

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