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1 Exp Neurol
1 J Neural Transm (Vienna)
1 J Neurochem
1 Lancet Neurol
1 Nature
1 Neurol Genet
3 Neurology
1 Neuropsychology
3 Neurosci Lett
2 PLoS One

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    Exp Neurol

  1. FISCHER P, Pogosyan A, Cheeran B, Green AL, et al
    Subthalamic nucleus beta and gamma activity is modulated depending on the level of imagined grip force.
    Exp Neurol. 2017;293:53-61.
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    J Neural Transm (Vienna)

  2. NARDONE R, Brigo F, Versace V, Holler Y, et al
    Cortical afferent inhibition abnormalities reveal cholinergic dysfunction in Parkinson's disease: a reappraisal.
    J Neural Transm (Vienna). 2017 Aug 12. doi: 10.1007/s00702-017-1775.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

    J Neurochem

  3. MYTHRI RB, Raghunath NR, Narwade SC, Pandareesh MD, et al
    Manganese and 1-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium (MPP+ ) induced neurotoxicity indicate differences in morphological, electrophysiological and genome-wide alterations: Implications for idiopathic Parkinson's disease.
    J Neurochem. 2017 Aug 12. doi: 10.1111/jnc.14147.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

    Lancet Neurol

  4. MOSLEY RL, Gendelman HE
    T cells and Parkinson's disease.
    Lancet Neurol. 2017 Aug 11. pii: S1474-4422(17)30276.
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    Trials of embryonic stem cells to launch in China.
    Nature. 2017;546:15-16.
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    Neurol Genet

  6. RUIZ-MARTINEZ J, Azcona LJ, Bergareche A, Marti-Masso JF, et al
    Whole-exome sequencing associates novel CSMD1 gene mutations with familial Parkinson disease.
    Neurol Genet. 2017;3:e177.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available


    Teaching Video NeuroImages: The underrecognized diphasic dyskinesia of Parkinson disease.
    Neurology. 2017;89:e83-e84.
    PubMed     Text format    

  8. BECK CA, Beran DB, Biglan KM, Boyd CM, et al
    National randomized controlled trial of virtual house calls for Parkinson disease.
    Neurology. 2017 Aug 16. pii: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000004357.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

  9. SHPRECHER DR, Majersik JJ
    The virtual house call: A 21st-century innovation in the care of patients with Parkinson disease.
    Neurology. 2017 Aug 16. pii: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000004366.
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  10. FORSYTHE A, Williams T, Reilly RG
    What paint can tell us: A fractal analysis of neurological changes in seven artists.
    Neuropsychology. 2017;31:1-10.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

    Neurosci Lett

  11. LV W, Guan Q, Hu X, Chen J, et al
    Vestibulo-ocular reflex abnormality in Parkinson's disease detected by video head impulse test.
    Neurosci Lett. 2017 Aug 11. pii: S0304-3940(17)30668.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

  12. HE T, Wang J, Wang X, Deng W, et al
    Association between PARK16 and Parkinson's disease: a meta-analysis.
    Neurosci Lett. 2017 Aug 11. pii: S0304-3940(17)30669.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

  13. XIAO H, Li M, Cai J, Li N, et al
    Selective cholinergic depletion of pedunculopontine tegmental nucleus aggravates freezing of gait in parkinsonian rats.
    Neurosci Lett. 2017 Aug 10. pii: S0304-3940(17)30663.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

    PLoS One

  14. VELARDE OM, Mato G, Dellavale D
    Mechanisms for pattern specificity of deep-brain stimulation in Parkinson's disease.
    PLoS One. 2017;12:e0182884.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

  15. CHEN CY, Hung HJ, Chang KH, Hsu CY, et al
    Long-term exposure to air pollution and the incidence of Parkinson's disease: A nested case-control study.
    PLoS One. 2017;12:e0182834.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

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