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Language recovery after stroke
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  Alzheimer's Disease

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1 Acta Neuropathol
1 Alzheimers Dement
1 Ann Neurol
1 BMC Geriatr
1 BMC Neurosci
1 Int J Neurosci
1 Neuropsychology
3 Neurosci Lett

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    Acta Neuropathol

  1. WALTER S, Jumpertz T, Huttenrauch M, Ogorek I, et al
    The metalloprotease ADAMTS4 generates N-truncated Abeta4-x species and marks oligodendrocytes as a source of amyloidogenic peptides in Alzheimer's disease.
    Acta Neuropathol. 2018 Nov 13. pii: 10.1007/s00401-018-1929.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

    Alzheimers Dement

  2. CHEN Z, Mengel D, Keshavan A, Rissman RA, et al
    Learnings about the complexity of extracellular tau aid development of a blood-based screen for Alzheimer's disease.
    Alzheimers Dement. 2018 Nov 9. pii: S1552-5260(18)33561.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

    Ann Neurol

  3. BOYLE PA, Yu L, Leurgans SE, Wilson RS, et al
    Attributable Risk of Alzheimer's Dementia Due to Age-Related Neuropathologies.
    Ann Neurol. 2018 Nov 12. doi: 10.1002/ana.25380.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

    BMC Geriatr

  4. BOUBLAY N, Federico D, Pesce A, Verny M, et al
    Study protocol on Alzheimer's disease and related disorders: focus on clinical and imaging predictive markers in co-existing lesions.
    BMC Geriatr. 2018;18:280.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

    BMC Neurosci

  5. KHALID S, Zahid MA, Ali H, Kim YS, et al
    Biaryl scaffold-focused virtual screening for anti-aggregatory and neuroprotective effects in Alzheimer's disease.
    BMC Neurosci. 2018;19:74.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

    Int J Neurosci

  6. HASSAN M, Shahzadi S, Raza H, Abbasi MA, et al
    Computational investigation of mechanistic insights of Abeta42 interactions against extracellular domain of nAChRalpha7 in Alzheimer's disease .
    Int J Neurosci. 2018 Nov 13:1-39. doi: 10.1080/00207454.2018.1543670.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available


  7. KUEHN B
    Alzheimer Burden.
    JAMA. 2018;320:1851.
    PubMed     Text format    


  8. BERTRAND E, Azar M, Rizvi B, Brickman AM, et al
    Cortical thickness and metacognition in cognitively diverse older adults.
    Neuropsychology. 2018;32:700-710.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

    Neurosci Lett

  9. DAI X, Chang P, Li X, Gao Z, et al
    The inhibitory effect of chitosan oligosaccharides on beta-site amyloid precursor protein cleaving enzyme 1 (BACE1) in HEK293 APPswe cells.
    Neurosci Lett. 2018;665:80-85.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

  10. LI J, Cheng J
    Apolipoprotein E4 exacerbates ethanol-induced neurotoxicity through augmentation of oxidative stress and apoptosis in N2a-APP cells.
    Neurosci Lett. 2018;665:1-6.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

  11. ALI F, Rahul, Jyoti S, Naz F, et al
    Therapeutic potential of luteolin in transgenic Drosophila model of Alzheimer's disease.
    Neurosci Lett. 2018;692:90-99.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

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