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    October 2023
  1. MARSTON NA, Vassy JL
    A Tale of Two Scores: Comparing Coronary Artery Calcium and Polygenic Risk Scores for the Prediction of Coronary Heart Disease Events.
    Clin Chem. 2023 Oct 19:hvad150. doi: 10.1093.

    September 2023
  2. KJELDSEN EW, Luo J, Nordestgaard LT, Sandau N, et al
    Reevaluating the Role of High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol: New Perspectives on Cardiovascular Disease and Alzheimer Disease.
    Clin Chem. 2023 Sep 13:hvad126. doi: 10.1093.

    August 2023
  3. COLE J, Sampson M, van Deventer HE, Remaley AT, et al
    Reducing Lipid Panel Error Allowances to Improve the Accuracy of Cardiovascular Risk Stratification.
    Clin Chem. 2023 Aug 25:hvad109. doi: 10.1093.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  4. STONE NJ, Blum CB
    Understanding Lipid Measurement Error to Improve Cardiovascular Risk.
    Clin Chem. 2023 Aug 25:hvad120. doi: 10.1093.

    July 2023
  5. HEIANZA Y, Qi L, Manson JE
    Is the Nonnutritive Sweetener Erythritol or Its Circulating Metabolite a Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Events?
    Clin Chem. 2023 Jul 20:hvad069. doi: 10.1093.

    April 2023
    Troponin Embedded in Clinical Decision Protocols: The Devil is in the Details.
    Clin Chem. 2023;69:435-437.

  7. FABRE-ESTREMERA B, Smith SW, Sandoval Y, Schulz K, et al
    Rapid Rule-Out of Myocardial Infarction Using a Single High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin I Measurement Strategy at Presentation to the Emergency Department: The SAFETY Study.
    Clin Chem. 2023 Apr 6:hvad033. doi: 10.1093.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    March 2023
  8. WHITE-AL HABEEB NMA, Higgins V, Wolska A, Delaney SR, et al
    The Present and Future of Lipid Testing in Cardiovascular Risk Assessment.
    Clin Chem. 2023 Mar 31:hvad012. doi: 10.1093.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  9. MYRMEL GMS, Steiro OT, Tjora HL, Langorgen J, et al
    Growth Differentiation Factor 15: A Prognostic Marker in Patients with Acute Chest Pain without Acute Myocardial Infarction.
    Clin Chem. 2023 Mar 30:hvad015. doi: 10.1093.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  10. LEHMACHER J, Toprak B, Sorensen NA, Bei der Kellen R, et al
    Validation of a 0/1 h Algorithm for Rapid Diagnosis of Myocardial Infarction Using a High-Sensitivity Troponin I Assay.
    Clin Chem. 2023 Mar 20:hvad019. doi: 10.1093.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    February 2023
  11. BORGES FK, Duceppe E, Heels-Ansdell D, Patel A, et al
    High-sensitivity Troponin I Predicts Major Cardiovascular Events after Non-Cardiac Surgery: A Vascular Events in Non-Cardiac Surgery Patients Cohort Evaluation (VISION) Substudy.
    Clin Chem. 2023 Feb 10:hvad005. doi: 10.1093.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    January 2023
  12. LI J, Zheng L, Chan KHK, Zou X, et al
    Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease in Men and Women.
    Clin Chem. 2023 Jan 25:hvac209. doi: 10.1093.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  13. RAZQUIN C, Ruiz-Canela M, Wernitz A, Toledo E, et al
    Effects of Supplemented Mediterranean Diets on Plasma-Phospholipid Fatty Acid Profiles and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease after 1 Year of Intervention in the PREDIMED Trial.
    Clin Chem. 2023 Jan 23:hvac221. doi: 10.1093.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  14. WELSH P, Sattar N
    To ApoB or Not to ApoB: New Arguments, but Basis for Widespread Implementation Remains Elusive.
    Clin Chem. 2023;69:3-5.

    December 2022
  15. DENESSEN EJ, Heuts S, Daemen JH, van Doorn WP, et al
    High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin I and T Kinetics Differ following Coronary Bypass Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
    Clin Chem. 2022;68:1564-1575.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    November 2022
  16. PENCINA KM, Pencina MJ, Lawler PR, Engert JC, et al
    Interplay of Atherogenic Particle Number and Particle Size and the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease.
    Clin Chem. 2022 Nov 4. pii: 6798868. doi: 10.1093.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    October 2022
  17. KATAJAMAKI TT, Koivula MK, Hilvo M, Laaperi MTA, et al
    Ceramides and Phosphatidylcholines Associate with Cardiovascular Diseases in the Elderly.
    Clin Chem. 2022 Oct 29. pii: 6779897. doi: 10.1093.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  18. LAM L, Tse R, Gladding P, Kyle C, et al
    Effect of Macrotroponin in a Cohort of Community Patients with Elevated Cardiac Troponin.
    Clin Chem. 2022;68:1261-1271.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    July 2022
  19. SAMPSON M, Wolska A, Amar M, Ueda M, et al
    Estimated Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease Risk Score: An Automated Decision Aid for Statin Therapy.
    Clin Chem. 2022 Jul 28. pii: 6651094. doi: 10.1093.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  20. AAKRE KM, Saenger AK, Body R, Collinson P, et al
    Analytical Considerations in Deriving 99th Percentile Upper Reference Limits for High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin Assays: Educational Recommendations from the IFCC Committee on Clinical Application of Cardiac Bio-Markers.
    Clin Chem. 2022;68:1022-1030.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    June 2022
  21. ALMARZOOQ ZI, Mora S
    The Curious Case of Synergy between Lipoprotein (a), Coronary Calcification, and Cardiovascular Disease Risk.
    Clin Chem. 2022 Jun 18. pii: 6610929. doi: 10.1093.

    March 2022
  22. LIU L, Consagra W, Cai X, Mathias A, et al
    Sex-Specific Absolute Delta Thresholds for High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin T.
    Clin Chem. 2022;68:441-449.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    February 2022
  23. CULLEN L, Greenslade J, Parsonage W
    Chest Pain Assessment: What Is Our Endgame?
    Clin Chem. 2022;68:261-263.

    December 2021
  24. WULFF AB, Nordestgaard BG
    Remnants and Triglyceride-Rich Lipoproteins in Prevention of Premature Coronary Heart Disease.
    Clin Chem. 2021 Dec 17. pii: 6468852. doi: 10.1093.

  25. TJORA HL, Steiro OT, Langorgen J, Bjorneklett RO, et al
    Diagnostic Performance of Novel Troponin Algorithms for the Rule-Out of Non-ST-Elevation Acute Coronary Syndrome.
    Clin Chem. 2021 Dec 13. pii: 6460254. doi: 10.1093.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    October 2021
  26. EGGERS KM, Lindahl B
    High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin T, Age, and Outcome in Non-ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction.
    Clin Chem. 2021 Oct 29. pii: 6414253. doi: 10.1093.

    September 2021
  27. FRETTS AM, Jensen PN, Hoofnagle AN, McKnight B, et al
    Circulating Ceramides and Sphingomyelins and Risk of Mortality: The Cardiovascular Health Study.
    Clin Chem. 2021 Sep 28. pii: 6377194. doi: 10.1093.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  28. SORENSEN NA, Gossling A, Neumann JT, Hartikainen TS, et al
    Diagnostic Validation of a High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin I Assay.
    Clin Chem. 2021;67:1230-1239.
    PubMed     Abstract available

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