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Articles published in Prog Cardiovasc Dis

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    May 2022
  1. ISATH A, Howard CE, Virani SS, Wang Z, et al
    Strength training and cardiovascular health: A meta-analysis.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2022 May 5. pii: S0033-0620(22)00044.

    February 2022
  2. POPOVIC D, Bjelobrk M, Tesic M, Seman S, et al
    Defining the importance of stress reduction in managing cardiovascular disease - the role of exercise.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2022 Feb 4. pii: S0033-0620(22)00015.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    Nine years as editor-in chief of progress in cardiovascular diseases.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2022 Feb 1. pii: S0033-0620(22)00018.

    January 2022
  4. RAO S, Jamal T, Khan MS, Michos E, et al
    Association of polypill therapy with cardiovascular outcomes, mortality, and adherence: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2022 Jan 31. pii: S0033-0620(22)00005.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  5. LUTZ AH, Forman DE
    Cardiac rehabilitation in older adults: Apropos yet significantly underutilized.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2022;70:94-101.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  6. FRANKLIN BA, Quindry J
    High level physical activity in cardiac rehabilitation: Implications for exercise training and leisure-time pursuits.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2022;70:22-32.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  7. HEINDL B, Ramirez L, Joseph L, Clarkson S, et al
    Hybrid cardiac rehabilitation - The state of the science and the way forward.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2022;70:175-182.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  8. MAMATAZ T, Uddin J, Ibn Alam S, Taylor RS, et al
    Effects of cardiac rehabilitation in low-and middle-income countries: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2022;70:119-174.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    December 2021
  9. KAMINSKY LA, German C, Imboden M, Ozemek C, et al
    The importance of healthy lifestyle behaviors in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2021 Dec 16. pii: S0033-0620(21)00133.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  10. FANAROFF AC, Lopes RD
    The role of triple antithrombotic therapy in patients with atrial fibrillation undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2021 Dec 6. pii: S0033-0620(21)00129.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    November 2021
  11. ASSALI M, Buda KG, Megaly M, Hall AB, et al
    Update on chronic total occlusion percutaneous coronary intervention.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2021 Nov 23. pii: S0033-0620(21)00123.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  12. LAVIE CJ, Bernasconi A
    Impressive results with EPA, but EPA/DHA combinations also reduce cardiovascular outcomes.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2021 Nov 15. pii: S0033-0620(21)00121.

  13. OBRADOVIC D, Freund A, Feistritzer HJ, Sulimov D, et al
    Temporary mechanical circulatory support in cardiogenic shock.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2021;69:35-46.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    October 2021
  14. SMITH JR, Taylor BJ
    Inspiratory muscle weakness in cardiovascular diseases: Implications for cardiac rehabilitation.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2021 Oct 21. pii: S0033-0620(21)00116.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    September 2021
  15. MONTONE RA, Jang IK, Beltrame JF, Sicari R, et al
    The evolving role of cardiac imaging in patients with myocardial infarction and non-obstructive coronary arteries.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2021 Sep 30. pii: S0033-0620(21)00096.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  16. LAVIE CC
    From the editor's desk-overweight and obesity and obesity paradox in cardiovascular diseases.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2021 Sep 23. pii: S0033-0620(21)00106.

  17. MARINOVIC J, Mihanovic I, Maltar-Strmecki N, Bulat C, et al
    Coronary collateralization prevents myocardial ROS surge induced by revascularization after non-ST-elevation acute coronary syndrome: A pilot study.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2021 Sep 21. pii: S0033-0620(21)00101.

  18. KRITTANAWONG C, Hahn J, Daher M, Mahtta D, et al
    A comparison of cardiovascular risk factors between Asian-Americans and non-Asian Americans: An analysis from the NHANES database.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2021 Sep 21. pii: S0033-0620(21)00105.

    August 2021
  19. BHATT RD, Libby P, Verma S, Mason RP, et al
    The role of eicosapentaenoic acid in reducing important cardiovascular events, including coronary revascularization.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2021 Aug 19. pii: S0033-0620(21)00095.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  20. AL RIFAI M, Blumenthal RS, Stone NJ, Schofield RS, et al
    Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) guidelines for management of dyslipidemia and cardiovascular disease risk reduction: Putting evidence in context.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2021 Aug 6. pii: S0033-0620(21)00089.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    July 2021
  21. FASELIS C, Safren L, Allman RM, Lam PH, et al
    Income disparity and incident cardiovascular disease in older Americans.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2021 Jul 25. pii: S0033-0620(21)00078.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  22. BELTRAN-GARCIA J, Osca-Verdegal R, Nacher-Sendra E, Cardona-Monzonis A, et al
    Role of non-coding RNAs as biomarkers of deleterious cardiovascular effects in sepsis.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2021 Jul 12. pii: S0033-0620(21)00073.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  23. ROZENBAUM Z, Takahashi T, Kobayashi Y, Bliagos D, et al
    Contemporary technologies to modify calcified plaque in coronary artery disease.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2021 Jul 9. pii: S0033-0620(21)00071.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  24. REED JL, Teradaca T, Cotie LM, Tulloch HE, et al
    The effects of high-intensity interval training, Nordic walking and moderate-to-vigorous intensity continuous training on functional capacity, depression and quality of life in patients with coronary artery disease enrolled in cardiac rehabilitation:
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2021 Jul 7. pii: S0033-0620(21)00070.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  25. LAVIE CJ
    Cardiovascular Statistics 2021.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2021;67:114-115.

    June 2021
  26. RUSCICA M, Penson PE, Ferri N, Sirtori CR, et al
    Impact of nutraceuticals on markers of systemic inflammation: Potential relevance to cardiovascular diseases - A position paper from the International Lipid Expert Panel (ILEP).
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2021 Jun 26. pii: S0033-0620(21)00068.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    March 2021
  27. PATEL RAG, White CJ
    Brachiocephalic and subclavian stenosis: Current concepts for cardiovascular specialists.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2021 Mar 17. pii: S0033-0620(21)00032.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    February 2021
  28. KRITTANAWONG C, Mahtta D, Narasimhan B, Wang Z, et al
    Clinical characteristics and mortality after acute myocardial infarction-related hospitalization among Asians from a national population-based cohort study.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2021 Feb 2. pii: S0033-0620(21)00015.

    January 2021
  29. NARASIMHAN B, Kaplin SL, Narasimhan H, Wang Z, et al
    Trends in pneumococcal vaccination in patients presenting with acute coronary syndrome in the United States.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2021 Jan 9. pii: S0033-0620(21)00002.

  30. LAVIE CJ
    Editor-in-chief eight years at Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2021;64:138-139.

    December 2020
  31. WILLIAMSON TM, Moran C, McLennan A, Seidel S, et al
    Promoting adherence to physical activity among individuals with cardiovascular disease using behavioral counseling: A theory and research-based primer for health care professionals.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2020 Dec 29. pii: S0033-0620(20)30209.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    November 2020
  32. MEHTA A, Kondamudi N, Laukkanen JA, Wisloff U, et al
    Running away from cardiovascular disease at the right speed: The impact of aerobic physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness on cardiovascular disease risk and associated subclinical phenotypes.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2020 Nov 12. pii: S0033-0620(20)30184.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  33. CASTAGNA C, Krustrup P, Povoas S
    Cardiovascular fitness and health effects of various types of team sports for adult and elderly inactive individuals - a brief narrative review.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2020;63:709-722.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    September 2020
  34. LETNES JM, Dalen H, Aspenes ST, Salvesen O, et al
    Age-related change in peak oxygen uptake and change of cardiovascular risk factors. The HUNT study.
    Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2020 Sep 21. pii: S0033-0620(20)30159.
    PubMed     Abstract available

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