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1 Acta Odontol Scand
1 BMC Oral Health
2 Br J Oral Maxillofac Surg
8 Clin Oral Implants Res
1 Compend Contin Educ Dent
1 Cranio
1 Cureus
2 Dent Mater
4 Evid Based Dent
1 Gen Dent
1 Head Face Med
1 J Biomed Mater Res B Appl Biomater
3 J Contemp Dent Pract
1 J Healthc Eng
1 J Korean Assoc Oral Maxillofac Surg
1 J Mater Sci Mater Med
1 Sci Rep

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Single Articles

    Acta Odontol Scand

  1. ZOU L, Hua L
    Risk of bleeding with dental implant surgery in patients on anticoagulant or antiplatelet drugs: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Acta Odontol Scand. 2022 Jun 28:1-7. doi: 10.1080/00016357.2022.2085324.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    BMC Oral Health

  2. SU L, Song H, Huang X
    Accuracy of two orthodontic mini-implant templates in the infrazygomatic crest zone: a prospective cohort study.
    BMC Oral Health. 2022;22:252.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Br J Oral Maxillofac Surg

  3. HARTMANN A, Kammerer P, Ortolano LC, Sagheb K, et al
    Customised products for orbital wall reconstruction: a systematic review.
    Br J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2022;60:e702-e711.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  4. QU C, Luo F, Hong G, Wan Q, et al
    Effects of photobiomodulation therapy on implant stability and postoperative recovery: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Br J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2022;60:e712-e721.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Clin Oral Implants Res

  5. GUERRERO A, Heitz-Mayfield LJA, Beuer F, Blanco J, et al
    Occurrence, associated factors and soft tissue reconstructive therapy for buccal soft tissue dehiscence at dental implants: Consensus report of group 3 of the DGI/SEPA/Osteology Workshop.
    Clin Oral Implants Res. 2022;33 Suppl 23:137-144.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  6. MONTERO E, Molina A, Matesanz P, Monje A, et al
    Efficacy of soft tissue substitutes, in comparison with autogenous grafts, in surgical procedures aiming to increase the peri-implant keratinized mucosa: A systematic review.
    Clin Oral Implants Res. 2022;33 Suppl 23:32-46.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  7. JUNG RE, Becker K, Bienz SP, Dahlin C, et al
    Effect of peri-implant mucosal thickness on esthetic outcomes and the efficacy of soft tissue augmentation procedures: Consensus report of group 2 of the SEPA/DGI/OF workshop.
    Clin Oral Implants Res. 2022;33 Suppl 23:100-108.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  8. SANZ M, Schwarz F, Herrera D, McClain P, et al
    Importance of keratinized mucosa around dental implants: Consensus report of group 1 of the DGI/SEPA/Osteology Workshop.
    Clin Oral Implants Res. 2022;33 Suppl 23:47-55.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  9. RAMANAUSKAITE A, Schwarz F, Sader R
    Influence of width of keratinized tissue on the prevalence of peri-implant diseases: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Clin Oral Implants Res. 2022;33 Suppl 23:8-31.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  10. VALLES C, Vilarrasa J, Barallat L, Pascual A, et al
    Efficacy of soft tissue augmentation procedures on tissue thickening around dental implants: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Clin Oral Implants Res. 2022;33 Suppl 23:72-99.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  11. BIENZ SP, Pirc M, Papageorgiou SN, Jung RE, et al
    The influence of thin as compared to thick peri-implant soft tissues on aesthetic outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Clin Oral Implants Res. 2022;33 Suppl 23:56-71.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  12. SANZ-MARTIN I, Regidor E, Cosyn J, Wiedemeier DB, et al
    Buccal soft tissue dehiscence defects at dental implants-associated factors and frequency of occurrence: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Clin Oral Implants Res. 2022;33 Suppl 23:109-124.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Compend Contin Educ Dent

  13. VEGA L, Strait R, Ames TE
    Bar-Retained Zygomatic Implant Overdenture as a First Line of Treatment.
    Compend Contin Educ Dent. 2022;43:e10-e14.
    PubMed         Abstract available


  14. KAMATH AT, Kudva A, Singh A
    Bilateral temporomandibular joint reconstructions with stock alloplastic prostheses on a distracted mandible - A case report.
    Cranio. 2022;40:365-372.
    PubMed         Abstract available


  15. RAVI KIRAN S, Bammidi N, Kumar AK, Kumar PS, et al
    Evaluation of the Effect of Topical Melatonin Application on Immediately Placed Dental Implants Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT).
    Cureus. 2022;14:e25233.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Dent Mater

  16. RADUNOVIC M, Pavic A, Ivanovic V, Milivojevic M, et al
    Biocompatibility and antibiofilm activity of graphene-oxide functionalized titanium discs and collagen membranes.
    Dent Mater. 2022;38:1117-1127.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  17. HAN X, Sharma N, Spintzyk S, Zhou Y, et al
    Tailoring the biologic responses of 3D printed PEEK medical implants by plasma functionalization.
    Dent Mater. 2022;38:1083-1098.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Evid Based Dent

  18. DHINGRA K, Jeng JH
    Are partially edentulous patients with a history of severe periodontitis more prone to develop peri-implantitis over the long term?
    Evid Based Dent. 2022;23:81-83.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Is a digital surgical guide superior for implant placement in the first molars areas?
    Evid Based Dent. 2022;23:58-59.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  20. LINDEN J, Fletcher R
    'Implanting' knowledge - how best to aid patient understanding and retention of information regarding peri-implantitis.
    Evid Based Dent. 2022;23:66-67.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  21. AFRASHTEHFAR KI, Desai VB, Afrashtehfar CDM
    Preoperative administration of amoxicillin is not recommended in healthy patients undergoing implant surgery.
    Evid Based Dent. 2022;23:78-80.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Gen Dent

  22. MITCHELL C, Metzler K, Babb CS, Romero MF, et al
    Subperiosteal implant overdenture fabrication using existing custom Dolder bar attachments.
    Gen Dent. 2022;70:41-43.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Head Face Med

  23. MOSHFEGHI M, Safi Y, Rozylo-Kalinowska I, Gandomi S, et al
    Does the size of an object containing dental implant affect the expression of artifacts in cone beam computed tomography imaging?
    Head Face Med. 2022;18:20.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    J Biomed Mater Res B Appl Biomater

  24. BENALCAZAR JALKH EB, Tovar N, Arbex L, Kurgansky G, et al
    Effect of leukocyte-platelet-rich fibrin in bone healing around dental implants placed in conventional and wide osteotomy sites: A pre-clinical study.
    J Biomed Mater Res B Appl Biomater. 2022 Jun 30. doi: 10.1002/jbm.b.35122.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    J Contemp Dent Pract

  25. SALEM AS, Mowafey B, El-Negoly SA, Grawish ME, et al
    Socket-shield Technique vs Conventional Immediate Implant Placement for Esthetic Rehabilitation: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.
    J Contemp Dent Pract. 2022;23:237-244.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  26. ALOORKER S, Shetty M, Hegde C
    Effect of Osseodensification on Bone Density and Crestal Bone Levels: A Split-mouth Study.
    J Contemp Dent Pract. 2022;23:162-168.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  27. CHOUDHARY SB, Asthana G, Kalsi R, Saurav K, et al
    Comparative Evaluation of Ridge Width for Implant Placement Using Ridge Mapping on the Diagnostic Cast, Cone-beam Computed Tomography, and Direct Surgical Measurements.
    J Contemp Dent Pract. 2022;23:186-192.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    J Healthc Eng

  28. ALHARBI MT, Almutiq MM
    Prediction of Dental Implants Using Machine Learning Algorithms.
    J Healthc Eng. 2022;2022:7307675.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    J Korean Assoc Oral Maxillofac Surg

  29. SARGOLZAIE N, Zarch HH, Arab H, Koohestani T, et al
    Marginal bone loss around crestal or subcrestal dental implants: prospective clinical study.
    J Korean Assoc Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2022;48:159-166.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    J Mater Sci Mater Med

  30. ZHANG X, Li Y, Luo X, Ding Y, et al
    Enhancing antibacterial property of porous titanium surfaces with silver nanoparticles coatings via electron-beam evaporation.
    J Mater Sci Mater Med. 2022;33:57.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Sci Rep

  31. SUN F, Cheng W, Zhao BH, Song GQ, et al
    Evaluation the loosening of abutment screws in fluid contamination: an in vitro study.
    Sci Rep. 2022;12:10797.
    PubMed         Abstract available

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