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Articles published in Contact Dermatitis

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    March 2024
  1. ZHU CS, Trickett J, O'Brien J, Cruz PD Jr, et al
    When handed lemons, beware of squeezing them.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024;90:327-328.

  2. JOHNSON H, Rao M, Yu J
    Improved or not improved, that is the question: Patch testing outcomes from the Massachusetts General Hospital.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024;90:324-327.

  3. SUURONEN K, Ylinen K, Heikkila J, Makela E, et al
    Acrylates in artificial nails-Results of product analyses and glove penetration studies.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024;90:266-272.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  4. TEO YX, Lee SX, White IR, McFadden JP, et al
    Irritant hand dermatitis to alcohol hand sanitisers in healthcare workers: Possible role of alcohol metabolism polymorphisms.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024;90:317-320.

  5. DIETZ JB, Simonsen ABN, Menne T, Ahlstrom MG, et al
    Assessing the efficacy of a German-inspired intervention on occupational contact dermatitis in Denmark: A randomised controlled trial with 3-month follow-up.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024;90:280-290.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  6. SYMANZIK C, Dicke K, Weinert P, Weisshaar E, et al
    Quality of patch testing patient's own material in patients with suspected occupational skin diseases throughout Germany: Interim results of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) research project FB 317b.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024;90:291-298.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  7. PIAPAN L, Belloni Fortina A, Giulioni E, Larese Filon F, et al
    Sensitization to ethylenediamine dihydrochloride in patients with contact dermatitis in northeastern Italy from 1996 to 2021.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024;90:253-261.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  8. HUBNER A, John SM, Wilke A, Brans R, et al
    Programme for prevention of foot dermatoses in patients with work-related skin diseases: Follow-up data of a prospective cohort study (OCCUPES).
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024;90:299-309.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  9. BATTAIS F, Langonne I, Muller S, Mathiot J, et al
    The BMDC model, a performant cell-based test to assess the sensitizing potential and potency of chemicals including pre/pro-haptens.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024;90:211-234.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    February 2024
  10. SIEMUND I, Dahlin J, Mowitz M, Hamnerius N, et al
    Allergic contact dermatitis due to 1,6-hexanediol diacrylate in ostomy patients.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024 Feb 8. doi: 10.1111/cod.14516.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  11. CHARANSOL A, Pelletier F, Aubin F, Castelain F, et al
    Airborne allergic contact dermatitis from beeswax and propolis in a beekeeper: A story from long ago.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024 Feb 8. doi: 10.1111/cod.14515.

  12. FOTI C, Rosato WA, Sbarra G, Romita P, et al
    A case of allergic contact dermatitis to isothiazolinones contained in a haemorrhoid cream.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024 Feb 8. doi: 10.1111/cod.14519.

  13. MOWITZ M, Hosseini S, Siemund I, Ulriksdotter J, et al
    New device, 'old' allergens. Allergic contact dermatitis caused by the Dexcom G7 glucose sensor.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024 Feb 5. doi: 10.1111/cod.14514.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  14. MEHTA N, Ahuja R, Bhari N, Verma K, et al
    A comparison of parthenium 15% in Indian Standard Series versus acetone extract 2% of parthenium plant in diagnosing contact allergy to parthenium.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024 Feb 5. doi: 10.1111/cod.14517.

  15. PRUKSAEAKANAN C, Boonchai W
    Contact leukoderma following allergic contact dermatitis to nickel in a patient with a history of alopecia areata.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024 Feb 4. doi: 10.1111/cod.14518.

  16. XIE D, Rong J, Cai Z, Guo P, et al
    Acute localised exanthematous pustulosis (ALEP)-induced by ioversol.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024;90:197-198.

  17. MATEI I, Weill A, Hareth KB, Ingen-Housz-Oro S, et al
    DRESS to loxapine and avoidable recurrence with clozapine.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024;90:191-192.

  18. GREGERSEN DM, Peckruhn M, Breternitz-Gruhne M, Schiller I, et al
    Cream versus ointment: Randomized single-blinded study on the adherence to treatment with topical methylprednisolone aceponate.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024;90:161-168.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  19. DEKOVEN B, Gomez P, Kudla I, DeKoven J, et al
    Usefulness of a 'workplace prescription' as a resource for return-to-work.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024;90:182-184.

  20. CICHON M, Mysliwiec M, Trzeciak M
    Role of acrylates in the development of contact dermatitis in diabetic patients-A Polish dermatology tertiary centre experience.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024;90:126-133.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  21. THAITIRAROT S, Shuwisitkul D, Udompataikul M, Kamanamool N, et al
    The efficacy of a transdermal hydrogel patch containing betamethasone dipropionate for treatment of chronic hand eczema: A single-blind, randomized and controlled trial.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024;90:153-160.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    January 2024
  22. STINGENI L, Foti C, Guarneri F, Corazza M, et al
    Contact allergy to SIDAPA baseline series allergens in patients with eyelid dermatitis: An Italian multicentre study.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024 Jan 24. doi: 10.1111/cod.14507.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  23. OBERMEYER L, Dicke K, Skudlik C, Brans R, et al
    Occupational allergic contact dermatitis from 2-butyl-1,2-benzisothiazol-3-one in cutting fluids: A case series.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024 Jan 23. doi: 10.1111/cod.14503.

  24. KAUR A, Nixon R
    Allergic contact dermatitis to epoxy resins associated with nail dystrophy and paraesthesia.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024 Jan 22. doi: 10.1111/cod.14506.

  25. Correction to "Regulatory B cells induced by ultraviolet B through toll-like receptor 4 signalling contribute to the suppression of contact hypersensitivity responses in mice".
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024 Jan 22. doi: 10.1111/cod.14482.

  26. BRAGANCA M, Brandao Abreu D, Moco Coutinho R, Rodrigues Cernadas J, et al
    Multiple drug hypersensitivity syndrome manifesting as acute generalised exanthematous pustulosis: A rare case report.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024 Jan 17. doi: 10.1111/cod.14502.

  27. ZHANG Y, Hales MK, Lipman RE, Quan VL, et al
    Allergic contact dermatitis masquerading as retiform purpura.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024 Jan 4. doi: 10.1111/cod.14497.

  28. GKOUSIAKI M, Karalis VD, Kyritsi A, Almpani C, et al
    Contact allergy caused by acrylates in nail cosmetics: A pilot study from Greece.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024 Jan 2. doi: 10.1111/cod.14485.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    Skin sensitization data for methyl esters of sulphonic acids-Corrections to published databases required.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024;90:84-88.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  30. MAHROUS B, Dupire G, Anthony E, Ben-Said B, et al
    Acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis induced by Ambroxol confirmed by positive skin tests.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024;90:98-99.

  31. STEUNEBRINK IM, de Groot A, Rustemeyer T
    Presence of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA) and other (meth)acrylates in nail cosmetics, and compliance with EU legislation: An online market survey.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024;90:60-65.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  32. TEO YX, McCarthy S, McFadden JP, White IR, et al
    Co-sensitisation to rubber accelerators and surfactants in three healthcare workers.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024;90:95-97.

  33. CHRISTIANSEN AG, Kinnerup MB, Carstensen O, Sommerlund M, et al
    Occupational exposure to epoxy components and risk of dermatitis: A registry-based follow-up study of the wind turbine industry.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024;90:32-40.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  34. CARE W, Delacour H, Vodovar D, Langrand J, et al
    Occupational vesicant-induced skin lesions.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024;90:91-93.

  35. CAI SCS, Chong TYR, Goon AT, Leow YH, et al
    Taking aim at the wood: Allergic contact dermatitis in a rifle shooting athlete.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2024 Jan 1. doi: 10.1111/cod.14495.

    December 2023
  36. TRIMECHE K, Lahouel I, Belhadjali H, Salah NB, et al
    Contact allergy in atopic dermatitis: A prospective study on prevalence, incriminated allergens and clinical insights.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Dec 27. doi: 10.1111/cod.14494.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  37. HUANG C, Chiang SYV, Gawkrodger DJ
    The contribution of metal allergy to the failure of metal alloy implants, with special reference to titanium: Current knowledge and controversies.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Dec 26. doi: 10.1111/cod.14481.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  38. BRUZE M, Isaksson M, Svedman C, Engfeldt M, et al
    Occlusion of sensitizers in the baseline series for 48 h detects more contact allergy than occlusion for 24 h.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Dec 26. doi: 10.1111/cod.14484.

  39. AGUADO VAZQUEZ A, Sanchez Motilla JM, Alonso Diez C, Villodre Lozano P, et al
    Allergic contact dermatitis from chromium after vein sclerosis with chromated glycerin.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Dec 21. doi: 10.1111/cod.14491.

  40. CASTELAIN F, Aubin F, Pelletier F
    Contact allergy to Butyrospermum parkii butter in a patient with cheilitis.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Dec 20. doi: 10.1111/cod.14478.

  41. BOONCHAI W, Likittanasombat S, Viriyaskultorn N, Kanokrungsee S, et al
    Gender differences in allergic contact dermatitis to common allergens.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Dec 18. doi: 10.1111/cod.14479.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  42. STEUNEBRINK IM, de Groot A, Rustemeyer T
    Contact allergy to acrylate-containing nail cosmetics: A retrospective 8-year study.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Dec 14. doi: 10.1111/cod.14475.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  43. HOYOS CL, Echevarria AG, Penuelas Leal R, Sprohnle JL, et al
    Immediate and delayed hypersensitivity to chlorhexidine coexisting in the same patient.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Dec 13. doi: 10.1111/cod.14480.

  44. BONEFELD NM, Menne T, Ahrensboll-Friis U, Gadsboll AO, et al
    Contact allergens in African countries: A review of published patch test studies.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Dec 12. doi: 10.1111/cod.14471.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  45. GALLO R, Guarneri F, Ferrucci SM, Stingeni L, et al
    Frequency of contact allergy to pentylene glycol. Retrospective cross-sectional study with data from the Societa Italiana di Dermatologia Allergologica Professionale e Ambientale (SIDAPA).
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Dec 3. doi: 10.1111/cod.14469.

    The sesquiterpene lactone mix: A review of past, present and future aspects.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:434-441.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  47. BEN ROMDHANE H, Fadhel NB, Chadli Z, Chaabane A, et al
    Drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms in a paediatric population: Interest of skin tests.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:488-495.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  48. BATTIS N, Ekstein SF, Shaik JA, Hylwa S, et al
    Negative formaldehyde release from textiles washed with a formaldehyde-containing laundry soap according to manufacturer instructions: An application of chromotropic acid testing.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:484-487.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  49. CHAN CX, Hamann CR
    Nickel release from hairdressing tools in the United States.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:480-483.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  50. GATICA-ORTEGA ME, Rodriguez-Lago L, Beneyto P, Pastor-Nieto MA, et al
    Prognosis and sequelae of meth(acrylate) sensitization in beauticians and consumers of manicure materials.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:471-479.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  51. KOSKELO M, Sinikumpu SP, Jokelainen J, Huilaja L, et al
    Anxiety and depression in patients with hand eczema: A population-based study among 853 middle-aged subjects.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:464-470.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  52. QUAADE AS, Alinaghi F, Dietz JB, Erichsen CY, et al
    Chronic hand eczema: A prevalent disease in the general population associated with reduced quality of life and poor overall health measures.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:453-463.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  53. MINARRO AMG, Guerrero NN, Robaina AF, Silvestre Salvador JF, et al
    Benzocaine-induced systemic contact dermatitis: A case report.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:501-502.

  54. BEAULIEU V, Matei I, Hajjar N, Ingen-Housz-Oro S, et al
    Acute allergic contact dermatitis caused by sulphites in a cosmetic and a pharmaceutical cream.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Dec 1. doi: 10.1111/cod.14468.

    November 2023
  55. ALLICHON S, Trebuchon F, Dereure O, Raison-Peyron N, et al
    A non-cosmetic allergic contact dermatitis to ethylhexylglycerin.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Nov 28. doi: 10.1111/cod.14467.

  56. TEO YX, White IR, McFadden JP
    Allergic contact dermatitis to multiple salicylates: A case report.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Nov 27. doi: 10.1111/cod.14464.

  57. MOTA D, Miranda J, Carneiro-Leao L, Cernadas J, et al
    Fixed drug eruption caused by iodinated contrast media: An unusual hypersensitivity reaction.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Nov 27. doi: 10.1111/cod.14466.

  58. MERCADER-GARCIA P, Gatica-Ortega ME, Gonzalez-Perez R, Pastor-Nieto MA, et al
    Cosmetovigilance for infrequent allergens in Spain using a national online registry: The example of allergic contact dermatitis caused by phenylethyl resorcinol.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Nov 21. doi: 10.1111/cod.14460.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  59. MENZEL M, Mraz V, Vaher H, Geisler C, et al
    Metabolic re-programming of keratinocytes in response to contact allergens.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Nov 20. doi: 10.1111/cod.14462.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  60. OZKAYA E, Turgut HD
    Generalized allergic contact dermatitis from polysensitization to strong (nitrofurazone) and weak (ichthammol, polyethylene glycol) contact sensitizers in a patient with stasis dermatitis.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Nov 7. doi: 10.1111/cod.14459.

  61. MOUROT-BOUSQUENAUD M, Langonne I, Buchheit M, Muller S, et al
    Identification of the allergenic sensitizing potential of bisphenol A substitutes used in the industry.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Nov 5. doi: 10.1111/cod.14452.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  62. AKHAM R, Bhatia R, Das A, Bhadoria AS, et al
    Systemic treatments in Parthenium dermatitis: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:311-322.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  63. PONDELJAK N, Lucija T, Elvira LM, Mirna S, et al
    Salivary cortisol and perceived psychological stress in patients with chronic contact hand dermatitis.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:393-395.

  64. FEITO-SANCHO L, Arranz-Sanchez DM, Vazquez-Contreras G, Martin AS, et al
    Contact dermatitis associated with an anti-haemorrhoidal ointment containing ephedrine and benzocaine: Case report and literature review.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:387-391.

  65. IIJIMA S, Murayama K, Takayama N, Akiyama T, et al
    Analysis of patch testing with cocamidopropyl betaine and its impurities in patients with intractable scalp dermatitis in a single clinic in Japan.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:368-373.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  66. CORAZZA M, Monti A, Schettini N, Pacetti L, et al
    Angioedema-like contact dermatitis due to methylisothiazolinone in a mouthwash.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:384-385.

  67. TING S, Nguyen J, Palmer A, Rosemary Nixon AM, et al
    Contact sensitisation in oral lichen planus: An Australian perspective.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:335-344.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  68. ADWA U, Antelmi A, Sukakul T, Dahlin J, et al
    Oral lichenoid lesions in two snuff users with contact allergy to carvone.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Nov 1. doi: 10.1111/cod.14448.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    October 2023
  69. BOTVID S, Schwensen JF, Simonsen AB
    Occupational allergic contact dermatitis due to Eucalyptus cinerea.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Oct 31. doi: 10.1111/cod.14450.

  70. MENANTEAU M, Bensefa-Colas L, Crepy MN
    First case of occupational protein contact dermatitis to aromatic herbs with pustular allergic contact dermatitis to plants.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Oct 30. doi: 10.1111/cod.14433.

  71. STEFAN K, An G
    Consort allergic contact dermatitis due to propolis in eardrops.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Oct 26. doi: 10.1111/cod.14451.

  72. BOTVID S, Ahrensboll-Friis U, Johansen JD, Schwensen JF, et al
    Occupational allergic contact dermatitis due to cobalt from a metal nut.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Oct 24. doi: 10.1111/cod.14449.

  73. ROSENBERG FM, Wardenaar R, Voorberg AN, Spierings DCJ, et al
    Transcriptional differences between vesicular hand eczema and atopic dermatitis.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Oct 19. doi: 10.1111/cod.14442.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  74. SUKAKUL T, Bruze M, Mowitz M, Bergendorff O, et al
    Patterns of simultaneous contact allergies in patients with contact sensitization to oxidised linalool and oxidised limonene.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Oct 18. doi: 10.1111/cod.14445.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  75. LEVIAN B, Chan GC, Adler BL
    Out of REACH: Allergic contact dermatitis to nickel in an Apple Watch.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Oct 17. doi: 10.1111/cod.14444.

  76. BRUZE M, Marmgren V, Zimerson E, Antelmi A, et al
    Contact allergy to oxidised geraniol may be over-represented in individuals with photocontact allergy to ketoprofen.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Oct 15. doi: 10.1111/cod.14437.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  77. SURGUN E, Boyvat A
    Increased rates of contact allergy to selected preservatives in patients with allergic contact dermatitis in Turkey.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Oct 15. doi: 10.1111/cod.14435.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  78. AL-GAWAHIRI M, Rustemeyer T, Franken SM, van Zuuren EJ, et al
    Frequency and clinical relevance of contact allergy in dental patients.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Oct 12. doi: 10.1111/cod.14440.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  79. FONTANE HOYOS CN, Boos J, Goldminz AM
    Airborne allergic contact dermatitis to medical marijuana.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Oct 9. doi: 10.1111/cod.14429.

  80. OZKAYA E, Keskinkaya Z
    Need for new strategies to improve the recall and avoidance rates of contact allergens: A retrospective cohort study from Turkey.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Oct 4. doi: 10.1111/cod.14427.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  81. BRANS R, John SM, Wilke A, Hubner A, et al
    Programme for prevention of foot dermatoses in patients with work-related skin diseases: Baseline data and first results of a prospective cohort study (OCCUPES).
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:259-269.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  82. SEDEH FB, Michaelsdottir TE, Mortensen OS, Jemec GE, et al
    Design and validation of pictograms and educational video clips to improve the knowledge of skin care and protection: Comprehension and recall among professional hospital cleaners.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:250-258.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  83. DE BOER FL, van der Molen HF, Kezic S
    Epidermal biomarkers of the skin barrier in atopic and contact dermatitis.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:221-229.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  84. SAID EL MABROUK R, Mohamed M, Hadhri R, Zili J, et al
    Irritant contact dermatitis due to saliva pouring out through a tracheostomy.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:307-309.

  85. MAJEWSKA-SZCZEPANIK M, Kowalczyk P, Askenase PW, Szczepanik M, et al
    Natural killer cell-mediated contact dermatitis-like reaction induced by treatment with TLR3 ligand poly(I:C).
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:230-240.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  86. CHAPSA M, Ronsch H, Lowe T, Gunzer F, et al
    The role of bacterial colonisation in severity, symptoms and aetiology of hand eczema: The importance of Staphylococcus aureus and presence of commensal skin flora.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:270-276.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  87. AMSLER E, Mahevas T, Soria A, Barbaud A, et al
    Fixed food eruption to Moringa oleifera.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:301-302.

  88. SEDEH FB, Michaelsdottir TE, Christiensen KB, Mortensen OS, et al
    Prevalence and risk factors for hand eczema among professional hospital cleaners in Denmark: A cross-sectional questionnaire-based study.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:241-249.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  89. FOTI C, Rosato WA, Cassano N, Vena GA, et al
    Usefulness of telemedicine with digitized grid reconstruction to improve the value of photo assessment in late patch test readings.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:292-294.

  90. BRUZE M, Antelmi A, Dahlin J, Hamnerius N, et al
    Should acetophenone azine be inserted in a baseline patch test series?
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:295-297.

  91. DE GROOT AC, Rustemeyer T
    2-Hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA): A clinical review of contact allergy and allergic contact dermatitis. Part 2. Cross- and co-sensitization, other skin reactions to HEMA, position of HEMA among (meth)acrylates, sensitivity as screening agent, presen
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Oct 1. doi: 10.1111/cod.14430.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    September 2023
  92. DIETZ JB, Menne T, Meyer HW, Viskum S, et al
    Impact of atopic dermatitis on occupational contact dermatitis among young people: A retrospective cohort study.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Sep 26. doi: 10.1111/cod.14426.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  93. DE GROOT AC, Rustemeyer T
    2-Hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA): A clinical review of contact allergy and allergic contact dermatitis-Part 1. Introduction, epidemiology, case series and case reports.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Sep 26. doi: 10.1111/cod.14405.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  94. PAULSEN E, Skousgaard SG, Hvid L
    Sensitization to Australian Compositae allergens may go under the radar in Europe.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Sep 26. doi: 10.1111/cod.14422.

  95. XU F, Zhang H, Xiao H, Meng J, et al
    Delayed-type allergic reaction to furazolidone: A case report and review of the literature.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Sep 26. doi: 10.1111/cod.14424.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  96. SIMONSEN AB, Dietz JB, Johansen JD
    Hand eczema in Danish adolescents-Beyond atopic dermatitis.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Sep 26. doi: 10.1111/cod.14420.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  97. CHAIYABUTR C, Sereeaphinan C, Prasertsook S, Boonchai W, et al
    Allergic contact dermatitis to footwear in Thailand: Prevalence, clinical characteristics and common allergens.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Sep 26. doi: 10.1111/cod.14428.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  98. PIRES PEREIRA H, Cardoso Lopes J, Carrapatoso I, Todo-Bom A, et al
    Airborne allergic contact dermatitis from polystyrene foam in an architect student.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Sep 26. doi: 10.1111/cod.14425.

  99. KURSAWE LARSEN C, Schwensen JFB, Zachariae C, Johansen JD, et al
    Contact allergy to rubber accelerators in consecutively patch tested Danish eczema patients: A retrospective observational study from 1990 to 2019.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Sep 21. doi: 10.1111/cod.14421.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  100. SAMARAN Q, Allichon S, Pernet C, Dereure O, et al
    Occupational allergic contact dermatitis to several metals, including rhodium.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Sep 20. doi: 10.1111/cod.14423.

  101. GEORGE H, Dendooven E, Leysen J, Aerts O, et al
    Recurrent allergic contact stomatitis and aphtosis, without cheilitis, due to stannous (tin)-containing toothpastes.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Sep 14. doi: 10.1111/cod.14418.

  102. MRAZ V, Funch AB, Jee MH, Gadsboll AO, et al
    CD100 boosts the inflammatory response in the challenge phase of allergic contact dermatitis in mice.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Sep 12. doi: 10.1111/cod.14414.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  103. ZENG Q, Wang S, Cheng L, Mu J, et al
    Allergic contact cheilitis caused by nickel from stainless steel crowns in primary molars: An easily overlooked intraoral allergen in children?
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Sep 12. doi: 10.1111/cod.14413.

  104. PESONEN M, Ylinen K, Suomela S, Suuronen K, et al
    Occupational contact allergy to benzyl alcohol in epoxy hardeners.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023 Sep 12. doi: 10.1111/cod.14415.

  105. VAN DEN OORD LJ, Naber RJ, van Manen BCT, Rustemeyer T, et al
    The prevalence of contact dermatitis among surgical assistants, anaesthesia assistants and anaesthesiologists working at the Amsterdam University Medical Centre.
    Contact Dermatitis. 2023;89:171-177.
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