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  Malignant Melanoma

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    November 2020
  1. BORGOGNONI L, Pescitelli L, Gerlini G, Brandani P, et al
    Efficacy of Electrochemotherapy in the Treatment of Cutaneous Melanoma Metastases and Rare Non-melanoma Skin Cancer.
    Anticancer Res. 2020;40:6485-6492.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    September 2020
  2. HU JB, Ravichandran S, Rushing C, Beasley GM, et al
    Higher BMI, But Not Sarcopenia, Is Associated With Pembrolizumab-related Toxicity in Patients With Advanced Melanoma.
    Anticancer Res. 2020;40:5245-5254.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  3. SANTOS LKB, Veras MDA, Marques KKG, DE Moraes Alves MM, et al
    Assessment of In Vitro Anti-melanoma Potential of Ephedranthus pisocarpus R.E.Fr.
    Anticancer Res. 2020;40:5015-5024.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    August 2020
  4. CZAJKA M, Zajkowska A, Gawlak M, Bujalska-Zadrozny M, et al
    Mosaic Recombinant Adeno-associated Virus Vector rAAV/DJ/CAG for Targeted Gene Delivery to Melanoma Cells Metastasized to the Lung.
    Anticancer Res. 2020;40:4425-4444.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    July 2020
  5. CHOI S, Ha M, Lee JS, Heo HJ, et al
    Novel Prognostic Factor for Uveal Melanoma: Bioinformatics Analysis of Three Independent Cohorts.
    Anticancer Res. 2020;40:3839-3846.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  6. KAZIMIERCZAK U, Kolenda T, Kowalczyk D, Mackiewicz J, et al
    BNIP3L Is a New Autophagy Related Prognostic Biomarker for Melanoma Patients Treated With AGI-101H.
    Anticancer Res. 2020;40:3723-3732.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    June 2020
  7. BERUS T, Markiewicz A, Biecek P, Orlowska-Heitzman J, et al
    Clinical Significance of Nucleoli Cytomorphology Assessment in Patients With Uveal Melanoma.
    Anticancer Res. 2020;40:3505-3512.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  8. HUAYLLANI MT, Restrepo DJ, Boczar D, Avila FR, et al
    National Comprehensive Analysis of Characteristics of Acral Lentiginous Melanoma.
    Anticancer Res. 2020;40:3411-3415.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  9. CARLSSON A, Falk M
    Melanoma Risk Estimation Based on Objective Measures as a Complement to Self-Assessment.
    Anticancer Res. 2020;40:3325-3331.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    May 2020
  10. BATENI SB, Johns AJ, Gingrich AA, Gholami S, et al
    Elderly Age Is Associated With More Conservative Treatment of Invasive Melanoma.
    Anticancer Res. 2020;40:2895-2903.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  11. KOTOWSKI K, Supplitt S, Wiczew D, Przystupski D, et al
    3PO as a Selective Inhibitor of 6-Phosphofructo-2-Kinase/Fructose-2,6-Biphosphatase 3 in A375 Human Melanoma Cells.
    Anticancer Res. 2020;40:2613-2625.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    April 2020
  12. SIMETIC L, Blazicevic K, Medugorac K, Golcic M, et al
    Relative Change in S100 as a Biomarker of Survival in Patients With Metastatic Melanoma Treated With Pembrolizumab.
    Anticancer Res. 2020;40:2157-2163.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  13. KACZOROWSKI M, Biecek P, Donizy P, Pieniazek M, et al
    ROCK1 and ROCK2 Are Down-regulated in Aggressive and Advanced Skin Melanomas - A Clinicopathological Perspective.
    Anticancer Res. 2020;40:1931-1942.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    February 2020
  14. HUAYLLANI MT, Bagaria SP, Restrepo DJ, Boczar D, et al
    Wide Excisional Surgery in Invasive Melanoma Treatment: Factors Driving Non-compliance With National Guidelines.
    Anticancer Res. 2020;40:1065-1069.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  15. HUAYLLANI MT, Bagaria SP, Restrepo DJ, Boczar D, et al
    Residual Tumor on Wide Excisional Margins After Treatment of Invasive Melanoma.
    Anticancer Res. 2020;40:1059-1063.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  16. BOCZAR D, Sisti A, Restrepo DJ, Huayllani MT, et al
    National Analysis of Patients With Ulcerated Melanoma in the United States.
    Anticancer Res. 2020;40:1055-1058.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  17. CONRAD A, Reinehr M, Holzmann D, Mangana J, et al
    Progressive Disease in Sentinel-negative Melanoma Patients: Biological Differences and Importance of Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy.
    Anticancer Res. 2020;40:891-899.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  18. BIRKE M, Schope J, Wagenpfeil S, Vogt T, et al
    Association of Vitamin D Receptor Gene Polymorphisms With Melanoma Risk: A Meta-analysis and Systematic Review.
    Anticancer Res. 2020;40:583-595.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    January 2020
  19. REICHRATH J, Lindqvist PG, Pilz S, Marz W, et al
    Sunbeds and Melanoma Risk: Many Open Questions, Not Yet Time to Close the Debate.
    Anticancer Res. 2020;40:501-509.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  20. BROZYNA AA, Hoffman RM, Slominski AT
    Relevance of Vitamin D in Melanoma Development, Progression and Therapy.
    Anticancer Res. 2020;40:473-489.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    December 2019
  21. BOCZAR D, Restrepo DJ, Sisti A, Huayllani MT, et al
    Disparity on Unplanned Readmission in Melanoma Patients: A National Cancer Database Analysis.
    Anticancer Res. 2019;39:6877-6880.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  22. SARTO LE, DE Gois EP, DE Andrade GG, DE Almeida MS, et al
    Anticancer Potential of Palladium(II) Complexes With Schiff Bases Derived from 4-Aminoacetophenone Against Melanoma In Vitro.
    Anticancer Res. 2019;39:6693-6699.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  23. KIM G, Bhattarai PY, Oh CH, Choi HS, et al
    All-trans Retinoic Acid Overcomes Acquired Resistance to PLX4032 via Inhibition of PIN1 in Melanoma Cells.
    Anticancer Res. 2019;39:6537-6546.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    November 2019
  24. RESTREPO DJ, Huayllani MT, Boczar D, Sisti A, et al
    Biopsy Type Disparities in Patients With Melanoma: Who Receives the Standard of Care?
    Anticancer Res. 2019;39:6359-6363.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  25. BOCZAR D, Restrepo DJ, Sisti A, Huayllani MT, et al
    Analysis of Melanoma in African American Patients in the United States.
    Anticancer Res. 2019;39:6333-6337.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  26. HAO X, Yim J, Chang S, Schwartz E, et al
    Acral Lentiginous Melanoma of Foot and Ankle: A Clinicopathological Study of 7 Cases.
    Anticancer Res. 2019;39:6175-6181.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  27. ENDO M, Kanda M, Sawaki K, Shimizu D, et al
    Tissue Expression of Melanoma-associated Antigen A6 and Clinical Characteristics of Gastric Cancer.
    Anticancer Res. 2019;39:5903-5910.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    October 2019
  28. DRACA D, Mijatovic S, Krajnovic T, Kaluderovic GN, et al
    Synthetic Tubulysin Derivative, Tubugi-1, Against Invasive Melanoma Cells: The Cell Death Triangle.
    Anticancer Res. 2019;39:5403-5415.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    September 2019
  29. ZIPPEL D, Friedman-Eldar O, Rayman S, Hazzan D, et al
    Tissue Harvesting for Adoptive Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte Therapy in Metastatic Melanoma.
    Anticancer Res. 2019;39:4995-5001.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    August 2019
  30. VALENTINI V, Zelli V, Gaggiano E, Silvestri V, et al
    MiRNAs as Potential Prognostic Biomarkers for Metastasis in Thin and Thick Primary Cutaneous Melanomas.
    Anticancer Res. 2019;39:4085-4093.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    July 2019
  31. MARJANSKA A, Galazka P, Marjanski M, Wysocki M, et al
    Efficacy and Toxicity of Pembrolizumab in Pediatric Metastatic Recurrent Melanoma.
    Anticancer Res. 2019;39:3945-3947.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    June 2019
  32. KWON J, Kim YA, Lee C, Kim BH, et al
    Clinical Outcomes of Isolated Regional Lymph Node Recurrence in Patients With Malignant Cutaneous Melanoma.
    Anticancer Res. 2019;39:3147-3157.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    May 2019
  33. HEINO PJ, Myllari PH, Jahkola TA, Sintonen H, et al
    Long-Term Quality of Life of Melanoma Survivors Is Comparable to that of the General Population.
    Anticancer Res. 2019;39:2633-2640.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  34. MANTSO T, Vasileiadis S, Lampri E, Botaitis S, et al
    Hyperthermia Suppresses Post - In Vitro Proliferation and Tumor Growth in Murine Malignant Melanoma and Colon Carcinoma.
    Anticancer Res. 2019;39:2307-2315.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    April 2019
  35. YOO ES, Choo GS, Kim SH, Woo JS, et al
    Antitumor and Apoptosis-inducing Effects of Piperine on Human Melanoma Cells.
    Anticancer Res. 2019;39:1883-1892.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  36. ZHAO G, Bae JY, Zheng Z, Park HS, et al
    Overexpression and Implications of Melanoma-associated Antigen A12 in Pathogenesis of Human Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma.
    Anticancer Res. 2019;39:1849-1857.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  37. KLEINPOPPEN M, Moebius C, Grupp K, Kluwe L, et al
    Separating Response of Tumor and non-Tumor Cells to Drug In Vitro by Quantifying a Mutation.
    Anticancer Res. 2019;39:1777-1783.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    March 2019
  38. RADES D, Sehmisch L, Hansen HC, Dziggel L, et al
    Comparison of Diagnosis-specific Survival Scores for Patients With Cerebral Metastases from Malignant Melanoma Including the New WBRT-30-MM.
    Anticancer Res. 2019;39:1501-1505.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  39. HANSEN HC, Janssen S, Thieme C, Perlov A, et al
    Potential Impact of the Interval Between Imaging and Whole-brain Radiotherapy in Patients With Relatively Favorable Survival Prognoses.
    Anticancer Res. 2019;39:1343-1346.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    February 2019
  40. MANTSO T, Anestopoulos I, Lamprianidou E, Kotsianidis I, et al
    Isothiocyanate-induced Cell Cycle Arrest in a Novel In Vitro Exposure Protocol of Human Malignant Melanoma (A375) Cells.
    Anticancer Res. 2019;39:591-596.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  41. SUKARI A, Nagasaka M, Alhasan R, Patel D, et al
    Cancer Site and Adverse Events Induced by Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors: A Retrospective Analysis of Real-life Experience at a Single Institution.
    Anticancer Res. 2019;39:781-790.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    December 2018
  42. TROJAN SE, Piwowar M, Ostrowska B, Laidler P, et al
    Analysis of Malignant Melanoma Cell Lines Exposed to Hypoxia Reveals the Importance of PFKFB4 Overexpression for Disease Progression.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:6745-6752.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    November 2018
  43. ERDMANN M, Sigler D, Uslu U, Gohl J, et al
    Risk Factors for Regional and Systemic Metastases in Patients with Sentinel Lymph Node-negative Melanoma.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:6571-6577.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  44. SUZUKI H, Takano G, Hanai N, Nishikawa D, et al
    Primary Tumor Size Predicts Distant Metastasis of Mucosal Malignant Melanoma in Head and Neck.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:6485-6490.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  45. MATTILA K, Raanta P, Lahtela V, Pyrhonen S, et al
    Long-term Survival of Stage IV Melanoma Patients Treated with BOLD Combination Chemotherapy and Intermediate-dose Subcutaneous Interferon-alpha.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:6393-6397.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  46. PAMIDIMUKKALA NV, Leonard MK, Snyder D, McCorkle JR, et al
    Metastasis Suppressor NME1 Directly Activates Transcription of the ALDOC Gene in Melanoma Cells.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:6059-6068.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    October 2018
  47. ORANGES CM, Sisti G, Nasioudis D, Tremp M, et al
    Hard Palate Melanoma: A Population-based Analysis of Epidemiology and Survival Outcomes.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:5811-5817.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    August 2018
  48. TRESKOVA I, Topolcan O, Windrichova J, Simanek V, et al
    OPG, OPN, EGF and VEGF Levels at Individual Breslow Score Stages in Malignant Melanoma.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:4907-4911.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  49. PLANSKA D, Kovalska J, Cizkova J, Horak V, et al
    Tissue Rebuilding During Spontaneous Regression of Melanoma in the Melanoma-bearing Libechov Minipig.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:4629-4636.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    July 2018
  50. MOSCHOS MM, Dettoraki M, Androudi S, Kalogeropoulos D, et al
    The Role of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors in Uveal Melanoma: Current Evidence.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:3817-3824.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  51. ARIMOTO A, Yamashita K, Hasegawa H, Sugita Y, et al
    Immunosuppression Induced by Perioperative Peritonitis Promotes Lung Metastasis.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:4333-4338.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  52. TUPY R, Mirka H, Mracek J, Priban V, et al
    Tumor-related Perfusion Changes in White Matter Adjacent to Brain Tumors: Pharmacodynamic Analysis of Dynamic 3T Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:4149-4152.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    June 2018
  53. PIRLAMARLA AK, Tang J, Amin B, Kabarriti R, et al
    Vulvar Melanoma with Isolated Metastasis to the Extraocular Muscles: Case Report and Brief Literature Review.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:3763-3766.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  54. MANTAS D, Damaskos C, Garmpis N, Dimitroulis D, et al
    Abdominal Emergencies in Patients with Stage IV Melanoma: The Role of Surgery: A Single-centre Experience.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:3713-3718.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  55. SAKAMOTO A, Kato K, Hasegawa T, Ikeda S, et al
    An Agonistic Antibody to EPHA2 Exhibits Antitumor Effects on Human Melanoma Cells.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:3273-3282.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  56. ASANO M, Matsui J, Towle MJ, Wu J, et al
    Broad-spectrum Preclinical Antitumor Activity of Eribulin (Halaven(R)): Combination with Anticancer Agents of Differing Mechanisms.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:3375-3385.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    May 2018
  57. MOSCHOS MM, Moustafa GA, Lavaris A, Damaskos C, et al
    Depression in Choroidal Melanoma Patients Treated with Proton Beam Radiotherapy.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:3055-3061.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  58. AL-QURAYSHI Z, Crowther JE, Hamner JB, Ducoin C, et al
    Disparities of Immunotherapy Utilization in Patients with Stage III Cutaneous Melanoma: A National Perspective.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:2897-2901.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    March 2018
  59. WALTER L, Heinzerling L
    BRAF Inhibitors and Radiation Do Not Act Synergistically to Inhibit WT and V600E BRAF Human Melanoma.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:1335-1341.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    February 2018
  60. BURGARD B, Schope J, Holzschuh I, Schiekofer C, et al
    Solarium Use and Risk for Malignant Melanoma: Meta-analysis and Evidence-based Medicine Systematic Review.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:1187-1199.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  61. GRECO M, Arcidiacono B, Chiefari E, Vitagliano T, et al
    HMGA1 and MMP-11 Are Overexpressed in Human Non-melanoma Skin Cancer.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:771-778.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  62. REICHRATH J, Lindqvist PG, DE Gruijl FR, Pilz S, et al
    A Critical Appraisal of the Recent Reports on Sunbeds from the European Commission's Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks and from the World Health Organization.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:1111-1120.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    January 2018

  63. Cutaneous Melanoma. 1st Edition. A Pocket Guide for Diagnosis and Management.
    Anticancer Res. 2018;38:587.

    December 2017
  64. PONTI G, Manfredini M, Greco S, Pellacani G, et al
    BRAF, NRAS and C-KIT Advanced Melanoma: Clinico-pathological Features, Targeted-Therapy Strategies and Survival.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:7043-7048.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  65. RAPI V, Dogan A, Schultheis B, Hartmann F, et al
    Melanoma of the Vagina: Case Report and Systematic Review of the Literature.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:6911-6920.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  66. DELGADO AF, Delgado AF
    Complete Lymph Node Dissection in Melanoma: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:6825-6829.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  67. WOZNIAK M, Peczek L, Czernek L, Duchler M, et al
    Analysis of the miRNA Profiles of Melanoma Exosomes Derived Under Normoxic and Hypoxic Culture Conditions.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:6779-6789.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  68. YANAROJANA M, Nararatwanchai T, Thairat S, Tancharoen S, et al
    Antiproliferative Activity and Induction of Apoptosis in Human Melanoma Cells by Houttuynia cordata Thunb Extract.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:6619-6628.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  69. BERUS T, Halon A, Markiewicz A, Orlowska-Heitzman J, et al
    Clinical, Histopathological and Cytogenetic Prognosticators in Uveal Melanoma - A Comprehensive Review.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:6541-6549.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    November 2017
  70. MA YS, Hsiao YT, Lin JJ, Liao CL, et al
    Phenethyl Isothiocyanate (PEITC) and Benzyl Isothiocyanate (BITC) Inhibit Human Melanoma A375.S2 Cell Migration and Invasion by Affecting MAPK Signaling Pathway In Vitro.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:6223-6234.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  71. NAJEM A, Krayem M, Perdrix A, Kerger J, et al
    New Drug Combination Strategies in Melanoma: Current Status and Future Directions.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:5941-5953.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    October 2017
  72. PSINAKIS F, Katseli A, Koutsandrea C, Frangia K, et al
    Uveal Melanoma: GNAQ and GNA11 Mutations in a Greek Population.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:5719-5726.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  73. HU WP, Kuo KK, Senadi GC, Chang LS, et al
    Photodynamic Therapy Using Indolines-Fused-Triazoles Induces Mitochondrial Apoptosis in Human Non-Melanoma BCC Cells.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:5499-5505.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  74. GARMPIS N, Damaskos C, Garmpi A, Dimitroulis D, et al
    Targeting Histone Deacetylases in Malignant Melanoma: A Future Therapeutic Agent or Just Great Expectations?
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:5355-5362.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    September 2017
  75. USLU U, Schliep S, Schliep K, Erdmann M, et al
    Comparison of the Serum Tumor Markers S100 and Melanoma-inhibitory Activity (MIA) in the Monitoring of Patients with Metastatic Melanoma Receiving Vaccination Immunotherapy with Dendritic Cells.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:5033-5037.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  76. SUCKOW MA, Wolter WR, Duffield GE
    The Impact of Environmental Light Intensity on Experimental Tumor Growth.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:4967-4971.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    August 2017
  77. KIM YJ, Song SY, Kim W, Jeong SY, et al
    Feasibility of Postoperative Radiotherapy Using Conventional Fractionation for Lymph Node Metastasis from Cutaneous Melanoma.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:4239-4246.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    July 2017
  78. USLU U, Schuler G, Breuninger H
    Factors Influencing Disease Progression in Patients with Head and Neck Melanoma.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:3811-3816.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  79. FURUDATE S, Fujimura T, Kambayashi Y, Kakizaki A, et al
    Immunomodulatory Effect of Imiquimod Through CCL22 Produced by Tumor-associated Macrophages in B16F10 Melanomas.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:3461-3471.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  80. NATH K, Nelson DS, Roman J, Putt ME, et al
    Effect of Lonidamine on Systemic Therapy of DB-1 Human Melanoma Xenografts with Temozolomide.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:3413-3421.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  81. TANAKA T, Fujita M, Hasegawa H, Arimoto A, et al
    Frequency of Myeloid-derived Suppressor Cells in the Peripheral Blood Reflects the Status of Tumor Recurrence.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:3863-3869.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    June 2017
  82. USLU U, Erdmann M, Schliep S, Dorrie J, et al
    Sarcoidosis Under Dendritic Cell Vaccination Immunotherapy in Long-term Responding Patients with Metastatic Melanoma.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:3243-3248.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  83. JANIK ME, Szlezak D, Surman M, Golas A, et al
    Diversified beta-2-adrenergic Receptor Expression and Action in Melanoma Cells.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:3025-3033.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  84. LAUBE F, Glanz D
    Modulation of Melanotransferrin and Transferrin Receptor 1 (TFRC)- and CD44-based Signaling for TFRC Up-regulation in Human Melanoma Cells.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:3001-3007.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    April 2017
  85. YAMAUCHI K, Mitsunaga T, Afroze SH, Uddin MN, et al
    Structure-Activity Relationships of Methylquercetin on Anti-migration and Anti-proliferation Activity in B16 Melanoma Cells.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:1575-1579.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    March 2017

  86. Melanoma Development. Molecular Biology, Genetics and Clinical Application.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:1544.

  87. YOSHIKAWA S, Kiyohara Y, Otsuka M, Kondou R, et al
    Multi-omics Profiling of Patients with Melanoma Treated with Nivolumab in Project HOPE.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:1321-1328.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  88. LAWSON BO, Khong HT
    Narcoleptic-like Episodes in a Patient Receiving Pegylated Interferon-alpha 2b: A Case Report and Review of Literature.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:1365-1368.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  89. SPILIOPOULOS K, Peschos D, Batistatou A, Ntountas I, et al
    Immunohistochemical Study of Vasculogenic Mimicry and Angiogenesis in Melanocytic Tumors of the Eye and the Periocular Area.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:1113-1120.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    February 2017
  90. RYU SH, Heo SH, Park EY, Choi KC, et al
    Selumetinib Inhibits Melanoma Metastasis to Mouse Liver via Suppression of EMT-targeted Genes.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:607-614.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    January 2017
  91. SEHMISCH L, Schild SE, Rades D
    Development of a Survival Score for Patients with Cerebral Metastases from Melanoma.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:249-252.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  92. FORTIS SP, Anastasopoulou EA, Voutsas IF, Baxevanis CN, et al
    Potential Prognostic Molecular Signatures in a Preclinical Model of Melanoma.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:143-148.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  93. NGUYEN AH, Detty SQ, Agrawal DK
    Clinical Implications of High-mobility Group Box-1 (HMGB1) and the Receptor for Advanced Glycation End-products (RAGE) in Cutaneous Malignancy: A Systematic Review.
    Anticancer Res. 2017;37:1-7.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    December 2016
  94. RADES D, Sehmisch L, Janssen S, Schild SE, et al
    Prognostic Factors After Whole-brain Radiotherapy Alone for Brain Metastases from Malignant Melanoma.
    Anticancer Res. 2016;36:6637-6640.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  95. NAFFOUJE SA, Naffouje R, Chen J, Salti GI, et al
    Validation and Enhancement of the Clinicopathological Melanoma Nomogram via Incorporation of a Molecular Marker in the Primary Tumor.
    Anticancer Res. 2016;36:6603-6610.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  96. SOLARI N, Gipponi M, Franco DS, Re F, et al
    Videoscopic Inguinal-iliac-obturator Lymph-node Dissection: New Videoscopic Technique for Regional Lymphadenectomy in Patients with Melanoma.
    Anticancer Res. 2016;36:6579-6583.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  97. YAN S, Holderness BM, Li Z, Seidel GD, et al
    Epithelial-Mesenchymal Expression Phenotype of Primary Melanoma and Matched Metastases and Relationship with Overall Survival.
    Anticancer Res. 2016;36:6449-6456.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  98. MANTSO T, Sfakianos AP, Atkinson A, Anestopoulos I, et al
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