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  Obstructive Lung Diseases

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    November 2021
  1. WENGER HC, Cifu AS, Lee CT
    Home Oxygen Therapy for Adults With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or Interstitial Lung Disease.
    JAMA. 2021;326:1738-1739.

    October 2021
    Mechanical Ventilation.
    JAMA. 2021;326:1452.

  3. JIMENEZ D, Agusti A, Tabernero E, Jara-Palomares L, et al
    Effect of a Pulmonary Embolism Diagnostic Strategy on Clinical Outcomes in Patients Hospitalized for COPD Exacerbation: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
    JAMA. 2021;326:1277-1285.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    September 2021
  4. ROCHESTER CL, Spruit MA, Holland AE
    Pulmonary Rehabilitation in 2021.
    JAMA. 2021;326:969-970.

  5. BUSSE WW, Jackson DJ
    School Classrooms as Targets to Reduce Allergens and Improve Asthma.
    JAMA. 2021;326:816-817.

  6. PHIPATANAKUL W, Koutrakis P, Coull BA, Petty CR, et al
    Effect of School Integrated Pest Management or Classroom Air Filter Purifiers on Asthma Symptoms in Students With Active Asthma: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
    JAMA. 2021;326:839-850.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    June 2021
  7. MEHRABADI A, Dodds L, MacDonald NE, Top KA, et al
    Association of Maternal Influenza Vaccination During Pregnancy With Early Childhood Health Outcomes.
    JAMA. 2021;325:2285-2293.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    May 2021
  8. KIM LHY, Saleh C, Whalen-Browne A, O'Byrne PM, et al
    Triple vs Dual Inhaler Therapy and Asthma Outcomes in Moderate to Severe Asthma: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.
    JAMA. 2021 May 19. pii: 2780374. doi: 10.1001/jama.2021.7872.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  9. XIONG W
    Pulmonary Embolism Prevalence Among Hospitalized Patients With COPD.
    JAMA. 2021;325:1901-1902.

  10. FRANCIOSI AN, McCarthy C
    Pulmonary Embolism Prevalence Among Hospitalized Patients With COPD.
    JAMA. 2021;325:1902-1903.

  11. COUTURAUD F, Sanchez O, Bertoletti L
    Pulmonary Embolism Prevalence Among Hospitalized Patients With COPD-Reply.
    JAMA. 2021;325:1903.

    January 2021
  12. COUTURAUD F, Bertoletti L, Pastre J, Roy PM, et al
    Prevalence of Pulmonary Embolism Among Patients With COPD Hospitalized With Acutely Worsening Respiratory Symptoms.
    JAMA. 2021;325:59-68.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    December 2020
  13. CLOUTIER MM, Dixon AE, Krishnan JA, Lemanske RF Jr, et al
    Managing Asthma in Adolescents and Adults: 2020 Asthma Guideline Update From the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program.
    JAMA. 2020 Dec 3. pii: 2773482. doi: 10.1001/jama.2020.21974.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    Evolving Strategies for Long-term Asthma Management.
    JAMA. 2020 Dec 3. pii: 2773481. doi: 10.1001/jama.2020.16895.

    November 2020
  15. SCHUH S, Sweeney J, Rumantir M, Coates AL, et al
    Effect of Nebulized Magnesium vs Placebo Added to Albuterol on Hospitalization Among Children With Refractory Acute Asthma Treated in the Emergency Department: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
    JAMA. 2020;324:2038-2047.
    PubMed     Abstract available

    October 2020
  16. SMITH BM, Hoffman EA, Barr RG
    Dysanapsis and COPD-Reply.
    JAMA. 2020;324:1572.

    Dysanapsis and COPD.
    JAMA. 2020;324:1571.

  18. QUINN KL, Shurrab M, Gitau K, Kavalieratos D, et al
    Association of Receipt of Palliative Care Interventions With Health Care Use, Quality of Life, and Symptom Burden Among Adults With Chronic Noncancer Illness: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.
    JAMA. 2020;324:1439-1450.
    PubMed     Abstract available

  19. BETTENCOURT AP, Schondelmeyer AC, Bonafide CP
    Continuous Pulse Oximetry Monitoring in Bronchiolitis Patients Not Receiving Oxygen-Reply.
    JAMA. 2020;324:1350-1351.

  20. KEIM-MALPASS J, Sullivan BA, Moorman JR
    Continuous Pulse Oximetry Monitoring in Bronchiolitis Patients Not Receiving Oxygen.
    JAMA. 2020;324:1349-1350.

    July 2020
  21. ADIBI A, Sadatsafavi M, Ioannidis JPA
    Validation and Utility Testing of Clinical Prediction Models: Time to Change the Approach.
    JAMA. 2020;324:235-236.

    June 2020
  22. BUNYAVANICH S, Do A, Vicencio A
    Nasal Gene Expression of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2 in Children and Adults.
    JAMA. 2020;323:2427-2429.

    April 2020
  23. TSAI C
    Personal Risk and Societal Obligation Amidst COVID-19.
    JAMA. 2020 Apr 3. pii: 2764319. doi: 10.1001/jama.2020.5450.

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