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1 Anesth Analg
2 BMC Anesthesiol
1 Clin Orthop Relat Res
4 Eur J Pain
3 Eur J Pharmacol
1 J Pain
1 N Engl J Med
3 Neurology
6 Pain
2 PLoS One
1 Schmerz
2 Support Care Cancer

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    Anesth Analg

  1. BENZON HT, Maus TP, Kang HR, Provenzano DA, et al
    The Use of Contrast Agents in Interventional Pain Procedures: A Multispecialty and Multisociety Practice Advisory on Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis, Gadolinium Deposition in the Brain, Encephalopathy After Unintentional Intrathecal Gadolinium Injection
    Anesth Analg. 2021 Mar 23. pii: 00000539-990000000-00111.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    BMC Anesthesiol

  2. CHANG WS, Hsieh YT, Chen MC, Chang SC, et al
    Characterization of self-anticipated pain score prior to elective surgery - a prospective observational study.
    BMC Anesthesiol. 2021;21:85.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  3. PANGTHIPAMPAI P, Dejarkom S, Poolsuppasit S, Luansritisakul C, et al
    Bilateral posterior Quadratus Lumborum block for pain relief after cesarean delivery: a randomized controlled trial.
    BMC Anesthesiol. 2021;21:90.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Clin Orthop Relat Res

  4. AMIRI MM, Ring D, Fatehi A
    People Prefer to Continue with Painful Activities Even if They Lead to Earlier Surgery.
    Clin Orthop Relat Res. 2021 Mar 22. pii: 00003086-990000000-00221.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Eur J Pain

  5. GAULTNEY WM, Dahlquist LM, Quiton RL
    Cognitive Load and the Effectiveness of Distraction for Acute Pain in Children.
    Eur J Pain. 2021 Mar 23. doi: 10.1002/ejp.1770.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Commentary to "Challenges and opportunities in translational pain research - an opinion paper of the working group on translational pain research of the European Pain Federation (EFIC)" by Mouraux et al.
    Eur J Pain. 2021 Mar 23. doi: 10.1002/ejp.1772.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  7. LEWIS JS, Newport R, Taylor G, Smith M, et al
    Visual illusions modulate body perception disturbance and pain in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: A randomised trial.
    Eur J Pain. 2021 Mar 23. doi: 10.1002/ejp.1766.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  8. BRAEUNINGER-WEIMER K, Rooslien H, Anjarwalla N, Pincus T, et al
    'Reassurance and health care seeking in people with persistent musculoskeletal low back pain consulting orthopaedic spine practitioners: A prospective cohort study'.
    Eur J Pain. 2021 Mar 23. doi: 10.1002/ejp.1765.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Eur J Pharmacol

  9. ZHANG R, Xu B, Zhang Q, Chen D, et al
    Spinal administration of the multi-functional opioid/neuropeptide FF agonist BN-9 produced potent antinociception without development of tolerance and opioid-induced hyperalgesia.
    Eur J Pharmacol. 2020;880:173169.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  10. ECKERT WA 3RD, Wiener JJM, Cai H, Ameriks MK, et al
    Selective inhibition of peripheral cathepsin S reverses tactile allodynia following peripheral nerve injury in mouse.
    Eur J Pharmacol. 2020;880:173171.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  11. MINAMI T, Takeda M, Sata M, Kato H, et al
    Thrombomodulin alfa prevents oxaliplatin-induced neuropathic symptoms through activation of thrombin-activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor and protein C without affecting anti-tumor activity.
    Eur J Pharmacol. 2020;880:173196.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    J Pain

  12. LI R, Kreher DA, Jusko TA, Chapman BP, et al
    Prospective Association between Dysmenorrhea and Chronic Pain Development in Community-Dwelling Women.
    J Pain. 2021 Mar 21. pii: S1526-5900(21)00173.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    N Engl J Med

  13. OLSON KR, Nimkin K, Carroll RW, Stathatos N, et al
    Case 9-2021: A 16-Year-Old Boy with Headache, Abdominal Pain, and Hypertension.
    N Engl J Med. 2021;384:1145-1155.


    Pain Control in Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Patients in the ICU: Can We Avoid Contributing to the Opioid Crisis?
    Neurology. 2021 Mar 25. pii: WNL.0000000000011907.

  15. GEERTS M, de Greef BTA, Sopacua M, van Kuijk SMJ, et al
    Intravenous Immunoglobulin Therapy in Patients With Painful Idiopathic Small Fiber Neuropathy.
    Neurology. 2021 Mar 25. pii: WNL.0000000000011919.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  16. JAFFA MN, Podell JE, Smith MC, Foroutan A, et al
    Association of Refractory Pain in the Acute Phase After Subarachnoid Hemorrhage with Continued Outpatient Opioid Use.
    Neurology. 2021 Mar 25. pii: WNL.0000000000011906.
    PubMed         Abstract available


  17. CAI S, Tuohy P, Ma C, Kitamura N, et al
    A modulator of the low-voltage-activated T-type calcium channel that reverses HIV glycoprotein 120-, paclitaxel-, and spinal nerve ligation-induced peripheral neuropathies.
    Pain. 2020;161:2551-2570.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  18. LASSEN J, Sturner KH, Gierthmuhlen J, Dargvainiene J, et al
    Protective role of natural killer cells in neuropathic pain conditions.
    Pain. 2021 Mar 24. pii: 00006396-900000000-98076.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  19. DE C WILLIAMS AC, Fisher E, Hearn L, Eccleston C, et al
    Evidence-based psychological interventions for adults with chronic pain: precision, control, quality, and equipoise.
    Pain. 2021 Mar 24. pii: 00006396-900000000-98077.

  20. WILHELMUS STRIJKERS RH, Schreijenberg M, Gerger H, Koes BW, et al
    Effectiveness of placebo interventions for patients with non-specific low back pain: a systematic review.
    Pain. 2021 Mar 24. pii: 00006396-900000000-98081.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  21. BERNARDES SF, Tome-Pires C, Brandao T, Ms LC, et al
    Classism in pain assessment and management: the mediating role of female patient dehumanization and perceived life hardship.
    Pain. 2021 Mar 22. pii: 00006396-900000000-98085.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  22. BLAISDALEJONES E, Sharpe L, Todd J, MacDougall H, et al
    Examining attentional biases, interpretation biases, and attentional control in people with and without chronic pain.
    Pain. 2021 Jan 26. pii: 00006396-900000000-98136.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    PLoS One

  23. BUCHMANN J, Baumann N, Meng K, Semrau J, et al
    Endurance and avoidance response patterns in pain patients: Application of action control theory in pain research.
    PLoS One. 2021;16:e0248875.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  24. IVERSON NR, Lau CY, Abe-Jones Y, Fang MC, et al
    Evaluation of a novel metric for personalized opioid prescribing after hospitalization.
    PLoS One. 2020;15:e0244735.
    PubMed         Abstract available


    [Chronic pain in children and adolescents : The silent epidemic].
    Schmerz. 2021;35:80-82.

    Support Care Cancer

  26. MA X, Yu W, Lu Y, Yang H, et al
    Congruence of cancer pain experience between patients and family caregivers and associated factors: a multicenter cross-sectional study in China.
    Support Care Cancer. 2021 Mar 26. pii: 10.1007/s00520-021-06156.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  27. CLEMONS M, Simos D, Sienkiewicz M, Ng T, et al
    A prospective multi-centre, randomized study comparing the addition of tapering dexamethasone to other standard of care therapies for taxane-associated pain syndrome (TAPS) in breast cancer patients.
    Support Care Cancer. 2021 Mar 19. pii: 10.1007/s00520-021-06142.
    PubMed         Abstract available

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