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2 AJR Am J Roentgenol
2 Am J Gastroenterol
2 Am J Surg
2 Ann Surg
2 Dig Dis Sci
2 Endoscopy
4 Gastroenterology
3 Gastrointest Endosc
4 Pancreatology
1 Surg Endosc

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    AJR Am J Roentgenol

  1. KIERANS AS, Guniganti P
    Reply to "Percutaneous Endoscopic Necrosectomy: An Important Adjunct in Acute Pancreatitis".
    AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2020;214:W71.

    Percutaneous Endoscopic Necrosectomy: An Important Adjunct in Acute Pancreatitis.
    AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2020;214:W70.

    Am J Gastroenterol

  3. LEE JK, Merchant SA, Schneider JL, Jensen CD, et al
    Proton Pump Inhibitor Use and Risk of Gastric, Colorectal, Liver, and Pancreatic Cancers in a Community-Based Population.
    Am J Gastroenterol. 2020 Mar 20. doi: 10.14309/ajg.0000000000000591.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  4. CHO J, Petrov M
    Response to Liu et al.
    Am J Gastroenterol. 2019;114:1820.

    Am J Surg

  5. MAATMAN TK, Nicolas ME, Westfall-Snyder JA, Ceppa EP, et al
    Discussion on: The morbidity of C. difficile in necrotizing pancreatitis.
    Am J Surg. 2020;219:513-514.

  6. YIP-SCHNEIDER MT, Soufi M, Carr RA, Flick KF, et al
    Discussion on: Performance of candidate urinary biomarkers for pancreatic cancer - Correlation with pancreatic cyst malignant progression?
    Am J Surg. 2020;219:496.

    Ann Surg

  7. HUA J, Shi S, Xu J, Wei M, et al
    Expression Patterns and Prognostic Value of DNA Damage Repair Proteins in Resected Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Neoplasms.
    Ann Surg. 2020 Mar 20. doi: 10.1097/SLA.0000000000003884.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  8. ZHENG ZJ, Chen YH, Tan CL, Liu XB, et al
    Comment on "Optimal Number of Examined Lymph Node May Dependent on Age in Patients With Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma".
    Ann Surg. 2020 Mar 20. doi: 10.1097/SLA.0000000000003811.

    Dig Dis Sci

  9. HUANG Q, Wu Z, Chi C, Wu C, et al
    Angiopoietin-2 Is an Early Predictor for Acute Gastrointestinal Injury and Intestinal Barrier Dysfunction in Patients with Acute Pancreatitis.
    Dig Dis Sci. 2020 Mar 19. pii: 10.1007/s10620-020-06138.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  10. PECSI D, Farkas N, Hegyi P, Varju P, et al
    Transpancreatic Sphincterotomy Is Effective and Safe in Expert Hands on the Short Term.
    Dig Dis Sci. 2019;64:2429-2444.
    PubMed         Abstract available


  11. RIZZATTI G, Rimbas M, Larghi A
    Which stent to use for the management of pancreatic pseudocysts? Time for randomized controlled studies.
    Endoscopy. 2020;52:321.

  12. AGARWAL A, Mahapatra SJ, Gunjan D
    Pharmacological prophylaxis versus pancreatic duct stenting plus pharmacological prophylaxis for prevention of post-ERCP pancreatitis: results are as yet inconclusive.
    Endoscopy. 2020;52:320.


  13. BOSKOSKI I, Costamagna G
    How to prevent post-ERCP pancreatitis.
    Gastroenterology. 2020 Mar 17. pii: S0016-5085(20)30359.

  14. STORZ P, Crawford HC
    Carcinogenesis of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma.
    Gastroenterology. 2020 Mar 18. pii: S0016-5085(20)30361.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Channelopathy of the pancreas causes chronic pancreatitis.
    Gastroenterology. 2020 Mar 20. pii: S0016-5085(20)30376.

  16. HATTORI A, Hamada Y, Kawabata H
    An unusual gastric lesion during chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer.
    Gastroenterology. 2020 Mar 20. pii: S0016-5085(20)30383.

    Gastrointest Endosc

  17. HAN S, Shah RJ
    No flare(s), no problem: treating recalcitrant pancreatic duct strictures with short fully covered metal stents.
    Gastrointest Endosc. 2020;91:834-836.

  18. LEE TH, Jung MK, Kim TK, Pack CG, et al
    Safety and efficacy of a metal stent covered with a silicone membrane containing integrated silver particles in preventing biofilm and sludge formation in endoscopic drainage of malignant biliary obstruction: Phase II pilot study.
    Gastrointest Endosc. 2019 Jun 17. pii: S0016-5107(19)31952.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  19. HAIDRY RJ, van Baar AC, Galvao Neto MP, Rajagopalan H, et al
    Duodenal mucosal resurfacing: proof-of-concept, procedural development, and initial implementation in the clinical setting.
    Gastrointest Endosc. 2019;90:673-681.
    PubMed         Abstract available


  20. BHUTANI MS, Cazacu IM, Roy-Chowdhuri S, Maitra A, et al
    Upfront molecular profiling of pancreatic cancer patients - An idea whose time has come.
    Pancreatology. 2020 Feb 5. pii: S1424-3903(20)30035.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  21. YASUDA H, Horibe M, Sanui M, Sasaki M, et al
    Etiology and mortality in severe acute pancreatitis: A multicenter study in Japan.
    Pancreatology. 2020 Mar 6. pii: S1424-3903(20)30092.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  22. YILDIZ Y, Uysal Yazici M, Cinar HG, Ozbay Hosnut F, et al
    Successful management of acute pancreatitis due to apolipoprotein C-II deficiency in a 37-day-old infant.
    Pancreatology. 2020 Mar 13. pii: S1424-3903(20)30099.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  23. LAL SB, Venkatesh V, Rana SS, Anushree N, et al
    Paediatric acute pancreatitis: Clinical profile and natural history of collections.
    Pancreatology. 2020 Mar 13. pii: S1424-3903(20)30098.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Surg Endosc

  24. BOKEMEYER A, Gross D, Bruckner M, Nowacki T, et al
    Digital single-operator cholangioscopy: a useful tool for selective guidewire placements across complex biliary strictures.
    Surg Endosc. 2018 Jul 13. pii: 10.1007/s00464-018-6334.
    PubMed         Abstract available

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