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14 Am J Phys Med Rehabil
11 Arch Phys Med Rehabil
5 Clin Rehabil
13 Disabil Rehabil
2 Int J Geriatr Psychiatry
1 J Am Geriatr Soc
2 J Rehabil Med
2 Phys Occup Ther Pediatr
6 Phys Ther
9 PLoS One
1 Rehabil Nurs

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    Am J Phys Med Rehabil

  1. MUN KJ, Bhatia A, Flannery J, Rampersaud R, et al
    Second-Order Peer Reviews of Clinically Relevant Articles for the Physiatrist: What is the clinical effectiveness of transforaminal epidural steroid injections versus surgical microdiscectomy in patients with radicular pain secondary to herniated lumb
    Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2021 Oct 27. pii: 00002060-900000000-97554.

  2. JEAN S, Mac-Thiong JM, Jean MC, Dionne A, et al
    Early Clinical Prediction of Independent Outdoor Functional Walking Capacity in a Prospective Cohort of Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury Patients.
    Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2021;100:1034-1041.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  3. CAKIR O, Sade R
    Pathology or Normal Variant? Residual Intervertebral Disc at S1-2 Level.
    Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2021;100:e161.

  4. CARRERA EJ, Summers W, Yeung G, Sanchez O, et al
    Congenital Tethered Cord Presenting as Chronic Back Pain in a 29-Yr-Old Woman.
    Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2021;100:e162-e163.

  5. DENEAU J, Journeay WS
    Second-Order Peer Reviews of Clinically Relevant Articles for the Physiatrist: Physical Therapy vs Glucocorticoid Injection for Knee Osteoarthritis.
    Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2021;100:e164-e166.

  6. WINSTON P, Hashemi M, Vincent D
    Ultrasound With E-Stimulation Diagnostic Nerve Blocks for Targeted Muscle Selection in Spasticity.
    Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2021;100:e167.

  7. KITEI PM, Bresnahan JJ, Surrey DE, Simon JI, et al
    When Clinical Diagnosis Differs From Advanced Imaging: A Case Series of Disc Herniations Causing Radiculopathy and Review of Aberrant Nerve Root Innervation.
    Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2021;100:e168-e171.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  8. BENIPAL S, Kuppermann N, Tancredi DJ, Rivara FP, et al
    Discriminatory Capacity of the Physical Domain versus the Full-Scale Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory with Traumatic Brain Injury Severity in Children.
    Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2021 Oct 20. pii: 00002060-900000000-97555.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  9. SHEN P, Li L, Song Q, Sun W, et al
    Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Improves Symptoms among Older Adults with Knee Osteoarthritis during Stair Ascending-A Randomized Controlled Trial.
    Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2021 Oct 20. pii: 00002060-900000000-97556.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  10. YOO M, Perret D, Dusto N, Lin K, et al
    Pain and Addiction: The Distribution of Supply and Demand During the Opioid Epidemic.
    Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2021 Oct 20. pii: 00002060-900000000-97561.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  11. YEN SC, Wang X, Wang I, Corkery MB, et al
    Association rule mining to examine predictors for the outcome of gait rehabilitation programs in stroke survivors.
    Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2021 Oct 20. pii: 00002060-900000000-97560.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  12. OZSOY-UNUBOL T, Ata E, Cavlak M, Demir S, et al
    Effects of Robot-Assisted Gait Training in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: A Single-Blinded Randomized Controlled Study.
    Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2021 Oct 20. pii: 00002060-900000000-97559.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  13. TABACOF L, Tosto-Mancuso J, Wood J, Cortes M, et al
    Post-acute COVID-19 syndrome negatively impacts physical function, cognitive function, health-related quality of life and participation.
    Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2021 Oct 20. pii: 00002060-900000000-97558.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  14. MINOR M, Jaywant A, Toglia J, Campo M, et al
    Discharge Rehabilitation Measures Predict Activity Limitations in Patients with Stroke Six Months after Inpatient Rehabilitation.
    Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2021 Oct 20. pii: 00002060-900000000-97557.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Arch Phys Med Rehabil

  15. ANDERSON MN, Lempke LB, Johnson RS, Lynall RC, et al
    Concussion Characteristics and Early Post-Injury Outcomes Between College Students and Intercollegiate Athletes.
    Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2021 Oct 18. pii: S0003-9993(21)01493.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  16. STONSAOVAPAK C, Nimithpornchai S, Kimura J, Piravej K, et al
    Response to comment on Effect of anodal transcranial direct current stimulation.
    Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2021 Oct 18. pii: S0003-9993(21)01491.

  17. WEISS DJ, Wang C, Suen KY, Basford J, et al
    Can Proxy Ratings Supplement Patient Report to Assess Functional Domains Among Hospitalized Patients?
    Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2021 Oct 19. pii: S0003-9993(21)01495.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  18. TULSKY DS, Boulton AJ, Kisala PA, Heinemann AW, et al
    Physical Function Recovery Trajectories following Spinal Cord Injury.
    Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2021 Oct 19. pii: S0003-9993(21)01492.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  19. CATZ A, Itzkovich M, Elkayam K, Michaeli D, et al
    Reliability validity and responsiveness of the spinal cord independence measure 4(th) version in a multicultural setup.
    Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2021 Oct 20. pii: S0003-9993(21)01423.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  20. BEKHET AH, Jahan AM, Bochkezanian V, Musselman KE, et al
    Effects of electrical stimulation training on body composition parameters after spinal cord injury: a systematic review.
    Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2021 Oct 20. pii: S0003-9993(21)01480.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  21. ACOSTA-OLIVO C, Simental-Mendia LE, Vilchez-Cavazos F, Martinez VMP, et al
    Clinical efficacy of botulinum toxin in the treatment of plantar fasciitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.
    Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2021 Oct 21. pii: S0003-9993(21)01498.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  22. FORDAL L, Stenberg J, Iverson GL, Saksvik SB, et al
    Trajectories of Persistent Postconcussion Symptoms and Factors Associated with Symptom Reporting after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.
    Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2021 Oct 22. pii: S0003-9993(21)01497.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  23. GROMISCH ES, Turner AP, Leipertz SL, Beauvais J, et al
    Demographic and clinical factors are associated with frequent short-notice cancellations in Veterans with multiple sclerosis on disease modifying therapies.
    Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2021 Oct 22. pii: S0003-9993(21)01499.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  24. MILLER T, Ying MTC, Chung RCK, Pang MYC, et al
    Convergent validity and test-retest reliability of multimodal ultrasound and related clinical measures in people with chronic stroke.
    Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2021 Oct 22. pii: S0003-9993(21)01496.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  25. CRARY MA, Carnaby GD, Mathijs L, Maes S, et al
    Spontaneous Swallowing Frequency, Dysphagia and Drooling in Children with Cerebral Palsy.
    Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2021 Oct 26. pii: S0003-9993(21)01494.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Clin Rehabil

  26. ABONIE US, Saxton J, Baker K, Hettinga FJ, et al
    Objectively-assessed physical activity and self-reported activity pacing in adults with multiple sclerosis: A pilot study.
    Clin Rehabil. 2021;35:1781-1788.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  27. YUKSEL E, Unver B, Karatosun V
    Comparison of kinesio taping and cold therapy in patients with total knee arthroplasty: A randomized controlled trial.
    Clin Rehabil. 2021 Oct 21:2692155211049152. doi: 10.1177/02692155211049152.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  28. ROMNEY W, Salbach NM, Parrott JS, Ward IG, et al
    A knowledge broker facilitated intervention to improve the use of standardized assessment tools by physical therapists: A cluster randomized trial.
    Clin Rehabil. 2021 Oct 25:2692155211046460. doi: 10.1177/02692155211046460.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  29. Introductory paragraph.
    Clin Rehabil. 2021;35:1649.

  30. ROBBINS SR, Alfredo PP, Junior WS, Marques AP, et al
    Low-level laser therapy and static stretching exercises for patients with knee osteoarthritis: A randomised controlled trial.
    Clin Rehabil. 2021 Oct 29:2692155211047017. doi: 10.1177/02692155211047017.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Disabil Rehabil

  31. GRANLUND M, King G
    Methods and tools to support participation-focused practice.
    Disabil Rehabil. 2021 Oct 21:1. doi: 10.1080/09638288.2021.1994029.

  32. BUNCH M, Johnson M, Moro SS, Adams MS, et al
    Virtual reality hope machines in a curative imaginary: recommendations for neurorehabilitation research from a critical disability studies perspective.
    Disabil Rehabil. 2021 Oct 21:1-9. doi: 10.1080/09638288.2021.1982024.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  33. KRAMER JM, Gorter JW
    Factors influencing participation.
    Disabil Rehabil. 2021 Oct 22:1-2. doi: 10.1080/09638288.2021.1994027.

  34. ALBARRATI A, Alzahrani M, Alnahdi AH, Taher M, et al
    Psychometric properties of the Arabic version of the anxiety inventory for respiratory disease in patients with COPD.
    Disabil Rehabil. 2021 Oct 22:1-7. doi: 10.1080/09638288.2021.1983039.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  35. BUCKLEY N, Stahlhut M, Elefant C, Leonard H, et al
    Parent and therapist perspectives on "uptime" activities and participation in Rett syndrome.
    Disabil Rehabil. 2021 Oct 24:1-8. doi: 10.1080/09638288.2021.1992026.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  36. LIBESON L, Ross P, Downing M, Ponsford J, et al
    Exploring employment following traumatic brain injury in persons who completed an insurer funded vocational rehabilitation program in Australia.
    Disabil Rehabil. 2021 Oct 24:1-11. doi: 10.1080/09638288.2021.1992516.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  37. IMMS C, Jahnsen R, Ullenhag A
    Capture the magic: participation for all.
    Disabil Rehabil. 2021 Oct 25:1-2. doi: 10.1080/09638288.2021.1994026.

  38. VAN COEVORDEN-VAN LOON EMP, Heijenbrok-Kal MH, Horemans HLD, Boere R, et al
    The relationship between mental fatigue, cognitive functioning, and employment status in patients with low-grade glioma: a cross-sectional single-center study.
    Disabil Rehabil. 2021 Oct 25:1-7. doi: 10.1080/09638288.2021.1991013.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  39. LOUIE DR, Mortenson WB, Lui M, Durocher M, et al
    Patients' and therapists' experience and perception of exoskeleton-based physiotherapy during subacute stroke rehabilitation: a qualitative analysis.
    Disabil Rehabil. 2021 Oct 25:1-9. doi: 10.1080/09638288.2021.1989503.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  40. HAHN A, Bueschges S, Prager M, Kannenberg A, et al
    The effect of microprocessor controlled exo-prosthetic knees on limited community ambulators: systematic review and meta-analysis.
    Disabil Rehabil. 2021 Oct 25:1-19. doi: 10.1080/09638288.2021.1989504.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  41. MONTEIRO-OLIVEIRA BB, Coelho-Oliveira AC, Paineiras-Domingos LL, Sonza A, et al
    Use of surface electromyography to evaluate effects of whole-body vibration exercises on neuromuscular activation and muscle strength in the elderly: a systematic review.
    Disabil Rehabil. 2021 Oct 26:1-10. doi: 10.1080/09638288.2021.1994030.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  42. DO JG, Suh GY, Won YH, Chang WH, et al
    Reliability and validity of the Korean version of the Functional Status Score for the ICU after translation and cross-cultural adaptation.
    Disabil Rehabil. 2021 Oct 29:1-7. doi: 10.1080/09638288.2021.1994660.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  43. WALKER PA, Kampman H
    "It didn't bring back the old me but helped me on the path to the new me": exploring posttraumatic growth in British veterans with PTSD.
    Disabil Rehabil. 2021 Oct 29:1-9. doi: 10.1080/09638288.2021.1995056.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Int J Geriatr Psychiatry

  44. PENGPID S, Peltzer K
    Associations of loneliness with poor physical health, poor mental health and health risk behaviours among a nationally representative community-dwelling sample of middle-aged and older adults in India.
    Int J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2021;36:1722-1731.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  45. SOUSA L, Neves MJ, Moura B, Schneider J, et al
    Music-based interventions for people living with dementia, targeting behavioral and psychological symptoms: A scoping review.
    Int J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2021;36:1664-1690.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    J Am Geriatr Soc

  46. SHEETS KM, Kats AM, Langsetmo L, Mackey D, et al
    Life-space mobility and healthcare costs and utilization in older men.
    J Am Geriatr Soc. 2021;69:2262-2272.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    J Rehabil Med

  47. JOHANSEN H, Velvin G, Fugl-Meyer K, Lidal IB, et al
    Adults with Loeys-Dietz syndrome and vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome: A cross-sectional study of life satisfaction.
    J Rehabil Med. 2021 Oct 27. doi: 10.2340.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  48. MARKUS M, Euhus A, Bethge M
    Effectiveness of behavioural medical rehabilitation under real-life conditions in Germany: A propensity-score matched analysis.
    J Rehabil Med. 2021 Oct 21. doi: 10.2340.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Phys Occup Ther Pediatr

  49. WYNARCZUK KD, Chiarello LA, Gracely E, Effgen SK, et al
    Participation-Based Student Goals in School-Based Physical Therapy Practice: Influence on Service Delivery and Outcomes.
    Phys Occup Ther Pediatr. 2021;41:485-502.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  50. HOLLAND CM, Blanche EI, Thompson BL
    Quantifying Therapists' Activities during Sensory Integration Treatment for Young Children with Autism.
    Phys Occup Ther Pediatr. 2021;41:284-299.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Phys Ther

  51. LUAN L, Adams R, Witchalls J, Ganderton C, et al
    Does Strength Training for Chronic Ankle Instability Improve Balance and Patient-Reported Outcomes and by Clinically Detectable Amounts? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
    Phys Ther. 2021;101.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  52. LAFRANCE S, Ouellet P, Alaoui R, Roy JS, et al
    Motor Control Exercises Compared to Strengthening Exercises for Upper- and Lower-Extremity Musculoskeletal Disorders: A Systematic Review With Meta-Analyses of Randomized Controlled Trials.
    Phys Ther. 2021;101.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  53. GOMES-NETO M, Saquetto MB, Alves IG, Martinez BP, et al
    Effects of Exercise Interventions on Aerobic Capacity and Health-Related Quality of Life in People Living With HIV/AIDS: Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis.
    Phys Ther. 2021;101.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  54. COLL F, Cavalheri V, Gucciardi DF, Wulff S, et al
    In People With COPD, There Is Limited Evidence That Exercise Training Reduces Sedentary Time, and Behavior Change Techniques Are Poorly Reported: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
    Phys Ther. 2021;101.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  55. FRITSCH CG, Ferreira PH, Prior JL, Clavisi O, et al
    TEXT4myBACK: A Text Message Intervention to Improve Function in People With Low Back Pain-Protocol of a Randomized Controlled Trial.
    Phys Ther. 2021;101.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  56. WILLAERT W, Leysen L, Lenoir D, Meeus M, et al
    Combining Stress Management With Pain Neuroscience Education and Exercise Therapy in People With Whiplash-Associated Disorders: A Clinical Perspective.
    Phys Ther. 2021;101.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    PLoS One

  57. DE SOUZA JUNIOR JR, Rabelo PHR, Lemos TV, Esculier JF, et al
    Effects of gait retraining with focus on impact versus gait retraining with focus on cadence on pain, function and lower limb kinematics in runners with patellofemoral pain: Protocol of a randomized, blinded, parallel group trial with 6-month follow-u
    PLoS One. 2021;16:e0250965.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  58. ZHOU M, Liu X, Zha F, Liu F, et al
    Stroke outcome assessment: Optimizing cutoff scores for the Longshi Scale, modified Rankin Scale and Barthel Index.
    PLoS One. 2021;16:e0251103.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  59. VELDHUIZEN JD, van den Bulck AOE, Elissen AMJ, Mikkers MC, et al
    Nurse-sensitive outcomes in district nursing care: A Delphi study.
    PLoS One. 2021;16:e0251546.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  60. ALFORD K, Daley S, Banerjee S, Vera JH, et al
    Quality of life in people living with HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder: A scoping review study.
    PLoS One. 2021;16:e0251944.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  61. HOFFMANN T, Gibson E, Barnett C, Maher C, et al
    Shared decision making in Australian physiotherapy practice: A survey of knowledge, attitudes, and self-reported use.
    PLoS One. 2021;16:e0251347.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  62. MEERHOFF GA, Verburg AC, Schapendonk RM, Cruijsberg J, et al
    Reliability, validity and discriminability of patient reported outcomes for non-specific low back pain in a nationwide physical therapy registry: A retrospective observational cohort study.
    PLoS One. 2021;16:e0251892.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  63. HOLDRIDGE G, Kristiansen SM, Barfod GH, Kinnaird TC, et al
    A Roman provincial city and its contamination legacy from artisanal and daily-life activities.
    PLoS One. 2021;16:e0251923.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  64. KADDUMUKASA M, Najjuma J, Mbalinda SN, Kaddumukasa MN, et al
    Reducing stroke burden through a targeted self-management intervention for reducing stroke risk factors in high-risk Ugandans: A protocol for a randomized controlled trial.
    PLoS One. 2021;16:e0251662.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  65. COLOMBO D, Pavani JB, Fernandez-Alvarez J, Garcia-Palacios A, et al
    Savoring the present: The reciprocal influence between positive emotions and positive emotion regulation in everyday life.
    PLoS One. 2021;16:e0251561.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Rehabil Nurs

  66. BAKAS T, Jones H, Israel J, Kum C, et al
    Designing and Evaluating a Goal-Setting Tip Sheet for Stroke Family Caregiver Health.
    Rehabil Nurs. 2021;46:279-288.
    PubMed         Abstract available

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