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1 Antimicrob Agents Chemother
1 Int J Tuberc Lung Dis
1 J Infect
3 Lancet Infect Dis
1 Lancet Respir Med
2 N Engl J Med
4 PLoS One
1 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A

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  1. MUPFUMI L, Moyo S, Shin SS, Wang Q, et al
    High Incidence of tuberculosis in the first year of antiretroviral therapy in the Botswana National ART programme between 2011 and 2015.
    AIDS. 2019 Sep 3. doi: 10.1097/QAD.0000000000002363.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

    Antimicrob Agents Chemother

  2. MURASE LS, de Souza JVP, Meneguello JE, Seixas FAV, et al
    Possible binding of piperine in Mycobacterium tuberculosis RNA-polymerase and rifampicin synergism.
    Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2019 Sep 3. pii: AAC.02520.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available


  3. COOK R, Lamont T, Martin R
    Smartphones can improve adherence rates for TB treatment.
    BMJ. 2019;366:l4920.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

    Int J Tuberc Lung Dis

    Community-based directly observed therapy improves treatment success.
    Int J Tuberc Lung Dis. 2019;23:381-382.
    PubMed     Text format    

    J Infect

  5. SOTGIU G, Saderi L, Petruccioli E, Aliberti S, et al
    QuantiFERON TB Gold Plus for the diagnosis of tuberculosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
    J Infect. 2019 Aug 29. pii: S0163-4453(19)30258.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

    Lancet Infect Dis

  6. RODRIGUEZ CA, Mitnick CD, Franke MF
    Value of observational data for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.
    Lancet Infect Dis. 2019;19:930-931.
    PubMed     Text format    

  7. BERROCAL-ALMANZA LC, Harris R, Lalor MK, Muzyamba MC, et al
    Effectiveness of pre-entry active tuberculosis and post-entry latent tuberculosis screening in new entrants to the UK: a retrospective, population-based cohort study.
    Lancet Infect Dis. 2019 Aug 27. pii: S1473-3099(19)30260.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

  8. GULLIFORD M, Garner-Purkis A
    Tuberculosis testing and migrant health.
    Lancet Infect Dis. 2019 Aug 27. pii: S1473-3099(19)30314.
    PubMed     Text format    

    Lancet Respir Med

  9. DHEDA K, Gumbo T, Maartens G, Dooley KE, et al
    The Lancet Respiratory Medicine Commission: 2019 update: epidemiology, pathogenesis, transmission, diagnosis, and management of multidrug-resistant and incurable tuberculosis.
    Lancet Respir Med. 2019;7:820-826.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

    N Engl J Med

  10. YOELI E, Rathauser J, Bhanot SP, Kimenye MK, et al
    Digital Health Support in Treatment for Tuberculosis.
    N Engl J Med. 2019;381:986-987.
    PubMed     Text format    

  11. LUBKE N, Jensen B, Huttig F, Feldt T, et al
    Failure of Dolutegravir First-Line ART with Selection of Virus Carrying R263K and G118R.
    N Engl J Med. 2019;381:887-889.
    PubMed     Text format    

    PLoS One

  12. ZHANG J, Zhao Z, Bai H, Wang M, et al
    Genetic polymorphisms in PXR and NF-kappaB1 influence susceptibility to anti-tuberculosis drug-induced liver injury.
    PLoS One. 2019;14:e0222033.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

  13. VAN HOOFT P, Getz WM, Greyling BJ, Bastos ADS, et al
    A natural gene drive system influences bovine tuberculosis susceptibility in African buffalo: Possible implications for disease management.
    PLoS One. 2019;14:e0221168.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

  14. OLIWA JN, Gathara D, Ogero M, van Hensbroek MB, et al
    Diagnostic practices and estimated burden of tuberculosis among children admitted to 13 government hospitals in Kenya: An analysis of two years' routine clinical data.
    PLoS One. 2019;14:e0221145.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

  15. HARRIS M, Qi A, Jeagal L, Torabi N, et al
    A systematic review of the diagnostic accuracy of artificial intelligence-based computer programs to analyze chest x-rays for pulmonary tuberculosis.
    PLoS One. 2019;14:e0221339.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A

  16. SAFI H, Gopal P, Lingaraju S, Ma S, et al
    Phase variation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis glpK produces transiently heritable drug tolerance.
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2019 Sep 5. pii: 1907631116.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

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