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Articles published in Indian Pediatr

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    September 2019
  1. PODDAR U, Ravindranath A
    Is Time Ripe for Hepatitis A Mass Vaccination?
    Indian Pediatr. 2019;56:731-732.
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    June 2019
  2. SRINIVASAN M, Sindhu KN, John J, Kang G, et al
    Opportunities for Typhoid Vaccination in India.
    Indian Pediatr. 2019;56:453-458.
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    April 2019
    Measles-Rubella Campaign: Could Things Have Been Done Differently?
    Indian Pediatr. 2019;56:335.
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    February 2019
  4. KUMAR CM, Bedi N
    Tuberculin Conversion after BCG Vaccination.
    Indian Pediatr. 2019;56:141-142.
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    January 2019
  5. THAKRE R, Patil PS
    Influenza Vaccine Paradox.
    Indian Pediatr. 2019;56:80.
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    December 2018
  6. BALASUBRAMANIAN S, Shah A, Pemde HK, Chatterjee P, et al
    Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) Advisory Committee on Vaccines and Immunization Practices (ACVIP) Recommended Immunization Schedule (2018-19) and Update on Immunization for Children Aged 0 Through 18 Years.
    Indian Pediatr. 2018;55:1066-1074.
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  7. JAVADEKAR B, Ghosh A, Kompithra RZ, Awasthi S, et al
    Safety and Immunogenicity of Two Doses of a Quadrivalent Meningococcal Polysaccharide Diphtheria Toxoid Conjugate Vaccine in Indian and Russian Children Aged 9 to 17 Months.
    Indian Pediatr. 2018;55:1050-1055.
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    November 2018
  8. SHET A, O'Brien KL
    Non-vaccine Serotypes of Streptococcus Pneumoniae: Readying India for Monitoring Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Use.
    Indian Pediatr. 2018;55:947-949.
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    October 2018
  9. JOHN J, Varghese R, Lionell J, Neeravi A, et al
    Non-vaccine Pneumococcal Serotypes Among Children with Invasive Pneumococcal Disease.
    Indian Pediatr. 2018;55:874-876.
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    May 2018
  10. DUTTA AK
    Hepatitis B Vaccination Strategies Using Combination Vaccines for Low Birthweight Infants.
    Indian Pediatr. 2018;55:379-380.
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    February 2018
  11. HANSASHREE P, Verma S, Rawat A, Sankhyan N, et al
    Long-term Seroprotection Rates Following One-dose Measles (9-month) and One-dose MMR Vaccination (15 months) in Indian Children.
    Indian Pediatr. 2018 Feb 9. pii: S097475591600116.
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    January 2018
  12. SAFFAR H, Khalilian AR, Saffar MJ, Ajami A, et al
    Long-term Protection Against the Hepatitis B Virus Detected Through an Early Response to a Booster Dose Injection.
    Indian Pediatr. 2018;55:45-47.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

    December 2017
    Campaign Mode MMR Vaccination to Control Outbreak of Mumps in a Highly Vaccinated Population: Virologist's viewpoint.
    Indian Pediatr. 2017;54:1050-1051.
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    Campaign Mode MMR Vaccination to Control Outbreak of Mumps in a Highly Vaccinated Population: Pediatrician's Viewpoint.
    Indian Pediatr. 2017;54:1049-1050.
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    Campaign Mode MMR Vaccination to Control Outbreak of Mumps in a Highly Vaccinated Population: Evidence-based Medicine viewpoint.
    Indian Pediatr. 2017;54:1047-1049.
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  16. SHAH N, Parikh R, Casabona G, Kolhapure S, et al
    A New Combined Vaccine Against Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varicella in India.
    Indian Pediatr. 2017;54:1041-1046.
    PubMed     Text format     Abstract available

  17. DEWAN P, Gupta P
    Hepatitis B Vaccination Strategy in HIV-infected Children.
    Indian Pediatr. 2017;54:1001-1003.
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    August 2017
  18. RAJMA J, Arun AC
    Severe Complications of Mumps.
    Indian Pediatr. 2017;54:689.
    PubMed     Text format    

    April 2017
    An Appeal to all Pediatricians and Members of Indian Academy of Pediatrics for the Measles-Rubella Campaign.
    Indian Pediatr. 2017;54:269-270.
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