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COVID-19: Daily Top 10 Papers


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2 Am J Emerg Med
1 Ann Pharmacother
1 Forensic Sci Int
2 Hum Exp Toxicol
1 J Emerg Med
1 MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep
1 N Engl J Med
1 Pediatr Emerg Care
1 PLoS One

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    Am J Emerg Med

  1. CAZES N, Duchier C, Beaume S, Menot P, et al
    Think about acute shisha carbon monoxide intoxication: that's one small step for the patient, one giant leap for our society.
    Am J Emerg Med. 2021;39:257.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  2. TSAI C, Quidgley-Martin M, Laub N, Polsky TG, et al
    Methamphetamine-associated pulseless electrical activity in a young child.
    Am J Emerg Med. 2021;39:257.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Ann Pharmacother

  3. EL NEKIDY WS, Elrefaei H, St John TJL, Attallah NM, et al
    Ertapenem Neurotoxicity in Hemodialysis Patients-Safe and Effective Dosing Is Still Needed: A Retrospective Study and Literature Review.
    Ann Pharmacother. 2021;55:52-58.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Forensic Sci Int

  4. LOHNER L, Sperhake JP, Puschel K, Schroder AS, et al
    Autoerotic Deaths in Hamburg, Germany: Autoerotic accident or death from internal cause in an autoerotic setting? A retrospective study from 2004-2018.
    Forensic Sci Int. 2020;313:110340.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    Hum Exp Toxicol

  5. SAFFAR S, Fatemi I, Rahmani M, Hassanshahi J, et al
    The effect of epigallocatechin-3-gallate on morphine-induced memory impairments in rat: EGCG effects on morphine neurotoxicity.
    Hum Exp Toxicol. 2020;39:994-1002.
    PubMed         Abstract available

  6. KHODAYAR MJ, Kalantari H, Khorsandi L, Rashno M, et al
    Upregulation of Nrf2-related cytoprotective genes expression by acetaminophen-induced acute hepatotoxicity in mice and the protective role of betaine.
    Hum Exp Toxicol. 2020;39:948-959.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    J Emerg Med

  7. DEAN D, Passalacqua KD, Oh SM, Aaron C, et al
    Pediatric Cannabis Single-Substance Exposures Reported to the Michigan Poison Center From 2008-2019 After Medical Marijuana Legalization.
    J Emerg Med. 2021 Feb 2. pii: S0736-4679(20)31419.
    PubMed         Abstract available


  8. BALDWIN GT, Seth P, Noonan RK
    Continued Increases in Overdose Deaths Related to Synthetic Opioids: Implications for Clinical Practice.
    JAMA. 2021 Feb 11. pii: 2776544. doi: 10.1001/jama.2021.1169.

    Accelerated Overdose Deaths Linked With COVID-19.
    JAMA. 2021;325:523.

    MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep

  10. MATTSON CL, Tanz LJ, Quinn K, Kariisa M, et al
    Trends and Geographic Patterns in Drug and Synthetic Opioid Overdose Deaths - United States, 2013-2019.
    MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep. 2021;70:202-207.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    N Engl J Med

  11. GAL MS, Greenberger S
    A Pulsating Leg.
    N Engl J Med. 2021;384:e8.

    Pediatr Emerg Care

  12. S GOKAY S, Yilmaz HL, Yildizdas RD, Celik T, et al
    A Relationship Between Clinical and Laboratory Characteristics in Children With Severe Scorpion Envenomation in Cukurova, Turkey.
    Pediatr Emerg Care. 2020;36:338-344.
    PubMed         Abstract available

    PLoS One

  13. BORGSTEDT L, Blobner M, Musiol M, Bratke S, et al
    Neurotoxicity of different amyloid beta subspecies in mice and their interaction with isoflurane anaesthesia.
    PLoS One. 2020;15:e0242989.
    PubMed         Abstract available

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